Really great and fast brave browser so far. I think the BAT feature is a really cool way to allow people to help out their favorite creators. Also the ad/tracker blocker is great. I wish there was a way to get rid of the blocker and BAT buttons in the toolbar though, they take up too much space. Also the setting button in the toolbar is hard to tap when it’s at the bottom for some reason, which is annoying. Oh, also the “close brave when all tabs are closed” setting doesn’t work.Great browser doing the good work. This review is 99% positive.

A perfect version of Brave (in my opinion) would have it built on a custom framework unrelated to Google. (for some people, the browser is built on chromium which means that you are still using Google software. This does not help a future with Google holding a monopoly on browser technology), Everytime there is an update this app changes my settings. I lose my home page and I have the worst time getting it back. Now I’m stuck with some designs that I cannot get rid of that I never asked for. My settings are all different.

I like the app itself but changing my things I don’t like. I had to delete the app and reinstall to get the settings back that I preferred. Your site to contact help was of no use. I had to figure it out myself. 3 hours later its done. The browser is not smooth. While browsing through different pages the browser itself freezes sometimes Along with everything. Another thing i have noticed is that it consumes a lot of data background whereas nothing is kept to run in the background and the browser was exited.

while browing the pages are forced “fingerprinting protection” whereas it is disabled in the settings.Latest update messed up websites. Especially Facebook! I can’t even log in without turning OFF the blocker. I log in the try to turn it back on.. It logs me out. I’ve also noticed websites video thumbnails no longer load correctly either. If I’m not using the blocker it works but that defeats the purpose of this browser then! Please fix this ASAP. Downloads start Automatically without waiting for confirmation and it wastes a lot of internet bandwidth.

Add the option to select and use a third-party download manager (like IDM and ADM) as in Via browser. That’s the only way to stop wasting data on automatic downloads since the built-in downloader does not ask or wait for confirmation to start downloads. Also add a NO IMAGE feature because some of us do not have unlimited data plan. Add Proxy Extension, as in Epic Browser.Overall Experience is not good. I’m unable to sync data from other browsers like Chrome and Edge. Unable to Import Passwords and Bookmarks also. So, it’s close to impossible for me use this Browser as of now.

The PC Brave Browser is too good and I’m using it without any issue but, this Android Version is not that much useful.Love the fact I’m earn some token through this browser by opting in to the rewards program and easily contribute to a few of the content creators that I like. Very neat model given the users, contents creators and marketing guys the tools to work together in a decentralized way.

The integration with uphold was a little tricky and hope it gets a bit more user friendly in the years to come.I love it earn BAT(sell for cash or donation to your favorite publisher) tokens from using the browser as well. The Brave and Basic Attention Token project looks very promising. Plus all my websites are registered on the network to accept donations of BAT token which is a nice feature for content publishers like myself who is both a publisher and business owner.Great browser and gives the user control over the revenue you generate. Brilliant! Bravo! Edit: April 2020 – had to clear my data to fix a glitch with the shields and LOST ALL REWARDS.

There is still no way to sync or save your rewards on mobile! 5 stars when fixed and until then, ads off!I love this browser. Love it. I am unfortunately receiving none of the pending BAT into my brave wallet. I’ve confirmed uphold, run the safety net test, but nothing works. I really want to help promote this app, besides not paying out, it’s the finest browser I’ve used. Will update to five stars if it gets fixed.This last update introduced unwanted issues. The pull down to reload is super sensitive now, it was annoying to begin with but now its just a pita. I really don’t understand why it needs to be there, so if you are going to add this feature please do it right.

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