I just credit for extra min from 2nr so i can call Philippines then said Philippines its not in the list of call if not in the list why you hve Philippines in your application ?! I try emailing the support mail box is full my email cant reach meaning to say they don’t even see the email not recommend this app at all.Bad I’ve been trying to get a free number but they keep saying

I have to purchase the number or they want to send me a code to Facebook or some what app. I don’t even know what the hell that is. Then when u get credits it’s not enough so how will people know who’s calling them if I DONT HAVE A NUMBER. This to me is a scam and very misleading.For a number it needs 39999 points, and it gives only 20 points per day. Now one can cakculate how many days it needs to get a number, 2000 days or five and half years to reach the Goal.This application (Free Number) is the best app for comminuction in google play , please all viwers download and enjoying but the call rate & sms rate is very costly. But the voice clear. Your friend:-. Ashish Hindustani. 📞 FREE NUMBER APPS 📞.

An absurd and foul play of 2nr. It wants you to spend your day doing wheels of coins to get coins for your free service.The reason I gave this app 1 star because it is showing me excessive ads even after buying credits. I feel this app provides great service and a reliable call quality and also the call rates and text rates are quite reasonable. However the ads completely ruin the experience. Hence I wouldn’t rely on this app to get any thing done.Very nice application is very good condition to sender reply my message about the position of assistant professor department of education is not available for remote playback stopped time thanks again for your time in my opinion we can get the latest flash the firmware version number of people who have been working on a regular basis of the day before the end of the day before the meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday morning mama and papa johns pizza place for me to do this for the delay but thanks.

Finally! Thank God i was looking for a free calling app where i do not have to actually pay and that makes decent call throughs without me or the people i call sounding glitchy. The only problem i have with this app is it hanging up my calls with these unwanted pop ups!This is stupid whats the point in wasting your time doing this spin for credits if over half the spins you don’t get your credits it’s such a waste of time and ads are so overwhelming I’d rather just use messager to call and get ahold of ppl then this 40,000 credit just for a number of 2nr so can text be better of buying mins.

Worst and cheapest app ever they cheat from me,I book a number,pay them but even I can’t receive messages or call, anyone if call then received from caller but not come in my cellphone so what payment for ?? ,don’t download they are fraud 😡DO NOT GET THIS APP IT IS A SCAM. I bought credits with real money to find that it doesn’t actually allow me to buy anything. Please do not get this app because I don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake I did.

This app is just promoting other app and the creator of this app is number 1 begger in the world instead of wasting so much brain and money on this game he should be begging on the streets. The app is good. However you donot get credited for downloading and using a recommended app. For example I downloaded and used paisabazzar. No credits received. May this credit business may not be true. Otherwise till now the calls are fine.This service is pretty awesome. Every time my phone gets turned off I go straight to this app.

Because it has never let me down, even gives me a ## wow pretty dependable app thanks free phone keep on serving with ur professionalism.This is good app but can’t be call to Kenya and somalia it is good for USA and Canada number from 2nr. It does not have SMS send only call free

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download 2nr

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