abgram is great app. The only thing I don’t like is the close friends stories feature. It creates a need to reciprocate something that may not be real. Mutual close friends see a green “following” button which is okay but they’ll know when you edit them out. I feel like my “friendships” will suffer because I got rid of my list. I think I’d actually DM my close friends to talk but once you know you’ve been edited out it changes the interaction dynamic.

Yes my social problems are my own. I know that.I have been using abgram from a couple of years. Of late I keep getting the message ‘Action blocked’ when I try to post on my feed or reply to user comments on my feed. I have possibly tried all workarounds and nothing seems to work. I have also reported the issue along with screenshots, but it’s still not addressed. It’s quite annoying to not being able to reply to comments on my own posts. I have no idea of the fix. Just hoping for some help from the community to fix this issue,

Always shows this stupid pop-up saying “Action blocked” every time I try to follow someone or like a post and it even does it when I try to post something. This NEEDS to be fixed for abgram.I am disappointed because it lets me do nothing. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM! This has been happening for so long now and I am very upset about this problem. I’ve clicked the “Tell us” button multiple times but I’ve been still having the same issue. Please fix this lots of other people are having the same exact problem.

This app is excellent but some things have been bothering me latley, everone uses filters and it is not available on my phone. Why? This is not fair and i would like it to be fixed. My sister’s phone has the filters and i do not so it can not be the place or connection. Why does it matter about the phone? Please help fix this issue as it is annoying and iwant to enjoy the experience like everybody else does. Please take this into consideration and fix this. It is now fixed, thank you. I love using this app and it is very useful to me as an artist. However it has also been very frustrating.

At one point I couldn’t get into my site and started another. Then later I became exluded from my second site as I was reaching 200 followers and back to my first. I can no longer use marguetitekingingreyton where most of my postings are and am limited to marguriteking1. Perhaps I have made mistakes? Would it be possible to combine the sites? You can see some work is repeated in both .I love Instagram. I’ve been using it for years. I just wish I didn’t have to uninstall and reinstall, every time it messes up. Seriously.

It bugs out and won’t function properly, and I always have to resort to that. If an app existed that was exactly like abgram, but didn’t bug out, I would use it. Despite how annoying it is I still use the app to keep in touch with my online community. I hope there will no longer be a problem where i have to resort to going through that stupid process again.I love this app so much but something’s not working since about a month. I can’t change anything on my profile : my bio, my profile picture, public or private account… etc.

It says the operation failed because of the network connection – but everything else is working so i don’t think this is the real reason (I tried on computer and this is not working either. I have the new insta update…) I would like to change my profile picture and turn my acc into private, coupe somebody help me ?I’ve been trying to log in my account for the past month using my device and for some reason a pop says error there was problem for your request but when I try to log in using other device or thru a browser I can log in perfectly fine.

I tried everything that is availabe online but still no avail. What should I do? I’m a supposed to get a new device just acces this app? Which by the way I’m trying to build a business. And is being delayed because of this. Are you kidding me? PLEASE FIX THIS. Previously it was good but recently I am not able to comment anything on anyone’s post and even can’t reply to a comment on my post. It says “Action blocked”.

Also I am not able to add any caption to my posts as well. Here also it says the same thing. I have reported the problem quite a number of times to Instagram but till now nothing has been sorted out. Even I have reinstalled the app and also tried to work from my pc, but they were of no use.Instagram was working perfectly fine until today, a few minutes ago. It began crashing and still is crashing. I updated the app, filed a support request, uninstalled it and reinstalled it and even cleared out my device and it’s still happening. The moment I add another account it crashes in abgram.

My phone is new and abgram has worked for several months up until now. Please fix this and refer back to me soon. Thank you.Help! Everytime I try to open the app, it keeps crashing! I’ve reinstalled twice, cleared cache, and even rebooted my phone. Instagram has really helped me reconnect with long lost friends and it’s a fun app overall. This issue has started today and Ive tried everything. Please help. I don’t know if this is a bug or what but please get this back to normal.I love Instagram, honestly, I

do. But starting today, I can’t even open the app for a second without it stopping. This is super annoying for me because this app is one of the ONLY ways to get into contact with most of my friends. And it’s happening to my friends too. I’d appreciate if y’all could get on this ASAP so that I can keep texting my friends during this quarantine stuff. Thanks.


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