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Many different genres to choose from my current earnings, and sounds clear, crisp, and great! And if you read the instruction at the time setting up/first time exploring the app you earn the points just as promised. Just started with this app about 2 hours ago and i alteady accumilated 600 points. All i did was to listen to the music, enjoyed it while i multi-tasked lol cant get better then that.. Making money can and do sometimes is fun!! Thanks Current!! No search function. Lots of stations don’t work. No soundtrack or “epic” music themes. Sudden earning stoppages are annoying.

No audio notification when that happens (only visual notif, really??), so you simply don’t know that earning has stopped. You need an external app to remind you (say, every 20-30 minutes) to visually check this app is earning stops. But yes, it earns money. Haven’t tried to withdraw yet (less than 4,000 points at the moment).Really easy to use, music comes in a wide variety lots of different ways to earn currency to exchange for cash/prices e.g. opinions, watching a short ad or even do a task/offer.

One thing I think the app needs to sort out is that when you are playing music I usually listen to it for an hour or two but every 5 or 10 minutes you have to watch an ad otherwise the music that I’m listening to doesn’t count my current earnings. I find this a bit frustrating because you have to keep resetting the music whilst relaxing.I was overwhelmed naturally with everything related to this type of currency.

And I’ve dragged getting more and more familiar. Like any new thing most of the time takes consistent practice. The platform and system control have been a huge help with my experience.Its not a bad app however there are a few things i would have done differnt IE Added a way to actually search for things Made it so that it dont stop giving points mid song to watch a add which for me always happens on a song I really like. Thats really about it if these things was fixed (crashs happen and its a thing they always are working on) id give it five stars.

Great app and a little demanding on battery. No problems cashing out and amazing customer service. fast reply with email and conserns. With that it is easely five stars! Just wish you would add a “Close App” button instead of me going to Settings – Apps – Force stop in order to close the app when not using the app to save battery.

Still gets a five star as I chose to use the app and best of all the customer service is spot on when I needed help to verify my phone number and resolve it.I do recommend this app. it does buffer and crash but not all the time just once in a while. Current always fixes the bugs and kinks. I would give it 5 stars but theres one music station that will not play for me and its the 80s music station. a bit disappointing. i was born 1982 so i grew up with the 80s.

great songs from that time. awesome selection of other songsmusic though and songs. i rather have Current than IHeart radio, Pandora or any other music app. i love this app. Thank you Current!I like the app. I have had it for 3 months but still am not close to getting a gift card i want. I would like it if when i turn off the music the notification thing would ho away. I also do not like the screen saver thing. It only gives the option to close for 4 hours. I have gotten used to it but would love if i could just get rid of it. Other than that its good.

I am so excited to hear songs on current earnings that uplifts my soul towards the Lord. I got finally an app of my current earnings that songs of my preferences is readilly available while enjoying hearing music still provide an opportunity to earn right at the comfort of our home. Being a grandpa to my grandson while taking care of him its fun that music completes our day and enjoy the day. I hope to share this opportunity to my friends. Together we shall enjoy the presence of God throught music and Gospel. Thanks. To God be the glory!Good music lots to choose from but if youre doing it for the rewards its a pain.

Every little bit you get a message say are you still listening and you have to watch an ad to continue earning points. So you cant lay it down and just listen while you do something else. Also every time i tried to check out different music it tells me the app has stopped working so im stuck with the few i picked out when testing it.It seems like rather than fixing a bug the new version added one. After a certain time (2nd to 3rd song) a bug will occur.

If you refresh the history page of current earnings to see how many points you get, the system will display a “No transaction” sign leaving the points you have supposed to earn moot. Not only a waste of time but data as well. The app accumulates way to much data for music steaming. Please fix.Its It’s interesting and rewards quickly, the interface it’s no boring. And points are always coming that’s keeping the user entertained.

How ever the installation of the apps for the games they eat a lot of space the my phone.A point of concern is how much is 10 000 points in us dollar. Only listening to music ,is there no auto pilot ,where I just relax and it plays music on it’s on. The other thing is the app is about music but it requires me to install games and those games I have to buy


earn daily 10$


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