Very amazing VPN client. It is reliable and free, and it is also very convenient to use. Few ads but they don’t hamper the experience.I like it very much because when every vpn is close then fast vpn with solve our problem

This is the worst app ever it interferes with my messaging I cannot see pictures or post pictures or see gifs or post gifs whatever you do

I just love it and the way vpn get fastly connected to the server of various country….. It is one of the my best vpn among all othet option.

I have no internet connection ever since I put you on my tablet I would give you a zero rating but they don’t have one I do not have internet and I have not had it since I hooked up to your service and I do not know why that is would you tell me how could you give me back my internet service.

Very good VPN. Easy to use. America, Asia, Europe, etc. have a lot of location choices, and the connection speed is quite good. I would like to recommend this vpn for higher Internet privacy, anonymity and security, especially for regions or countries that are interested in access restrictions to circumvent such restrictions.

This is my first time using vpn. First of all, its speed is good, the interface is simple, and it is clear at a glance. This is easy and convenient to operate and very easy to use. I hope that the software owner will continue to work hard to keep the software anxious. Thank you!

This VPN is one of the best VPNs I have ever used. It is fast, stable and connected quickly. I can choose a lot of nodes. The network is not disconnected. Whether watching videos or playing games on the internet. very fast.

Honestly, I tried a lot of VPNs, which is definitely one of the best free VPNs I have ever used. It does protect my privacy and it is easy to bypass the firewall and bypass third parties for review. well done!

For some reason, I just switched from another VPN to a VPN. It is easier to use than other VPNs. This VPN service is as good as an expensive VPN compared to the previously used VPN. That is good for me.

I tried a lot of VPNs, many of which have problems with disconnects and Internet speed limits. This is a very good VPN. Thank you very much for the perfect software that the developer has done.

Wow, I can’t believe it is so good. Although there are some imperfections, it doesn’t matter. The free server is fast and honestly enough for me. If you want a free fast VPN. It is the best.

I think this software is very good, the interface is simple, the operation is simple, there are many borrowing points, and the network speed is also OK.

I saw this VPN app on Twitter. The test feels good. Thank you very much for the service provider for providing such excellent service. Fast, more servers! Sincerely say thank you!

I saw the FAST VPN message on YouTube. When I saw the VPN, I was attracted by its name. Yes, I fell in love with this name. I want to know why, this is God’s reward for me.

Good things will be shared with others. This is a very good software and is highly recommended for VPN.

Thank you very much for using this VPN, let us know the information outside the wall. This way we can better increase our knowledge to broaden our horizons. And learn what we never know. Thank you very much for your development of this application team, your efforts are our greatest hope.download

I hope you can do this software! I look forward to your better and better free software! I will be your fan and continue to follow you!

I hope this software is getting better and better. Let me break through the network blockade. Travel in the free internet world. Broaden your horizons. Let me know the world.

Does what it says it is going to do. Nothing else. Doesn’t ask for any permissions, so definitely nothing sketchy. Works fine on my tablet, but on my phone, it completely disconnects me from the internet, defeating the whole purpose of it. Will give five stars if this gets fixed.

Always connects very quickly and never just shuts down all the time like so many others do. Very good app and free! Good Job!

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