I had Private Internet Access for years, but it just want working out for me. I switched to ExpressVPN and I’ve loved it since day 1. Even when I’m using the servers in less popular countries (I use the Uruguay servers often), the latency isn’t nearly as bad as PIA was. Their privacy policy has been tested by the feds trying to obtain info, and their reputation of not keeping logs and records held true, so that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Wasn’t happy at first (in China); success was 3/10 on mobile Wi-Fi and 0 for PC and mobile data plan. After last week’s update its been 10/10 for everything, so I’m very satisfied. PS: Thanks for the reply and here’s something unexpected: on the Philippines now, zero Internet activity for several days on 3G and 4G. For fun I used ExpressVPN and now I’m surfing (low speed, but I surf).

The Android app is great. The windows 10 app has a problem where the network disconnects when the computer goes to sleep. The only way to get the network to reconnect is to restart the computer. It makes using this app across all devices difficult. After speaking with an expressvpn rep, they know about the issue but don’t have a date when it will be fixed. Everything else with the app is great. It’s better than NordVPN….as long as your computer doesn’t go to sleep!


For the last couple of years I was using IP vanish Which worked well for about a year and then the problem started. I simply could not stay connected no matter what I tried but Express VPN. Connects and stays connected. I do not have to baby sit this app it simply stays connected. I have only used this app for about 3 A month but there has not been any difficulties whatsoever.
It just works! To quote an ad from years ago, “No fuss, no muss, no bother.” It starts automatically and stays in the background. I have found only two web sites that protest the use of a VPN. Only negative is the cost, but it is covering all of the computers on my local network so the cost per device is modest and no intrusive ads!
ExpressVPN is simply the best. I live/work in the Middle East and travel to S.E. Asia several times per year and a solid VPN is essential for me. I installed ExpressVPN approximately 10 months ago and I could not be more satisfied. It is unobtrusive when engaged, it just goes about its job without any hassle, and more importantly, it doesn’t slow down my connections. Well worth the price of admission. UPDATE: heading into year #3 and now running flawlessly on 4 devices: 2 Android & 2 PC.download
I’ve had Express VPN now for over a month. I’m a retired Canadian Forces Network Security Specialist. I have a large amount of expertise installing, using, troubleshooting and maintaining crypto. I find ExpressVPN very easy to use and setup. I can say from experience that this VPN meets or exceeds Canadian Military Standards. Also, on top of the VPN function, Express VPN makes available a wealth of information, tips and tricks to make the most of this VPN.
Excellent! Fastest VPN I’ve seen – very low overhead, great Tech service, fastest streaming overseas, Awesome Region Unlocking for Travelers, easy to use, and good menus for selecting endpoints. Offer Free DDNS Service if you only want DDNS and not always VPN , but as stated, very low overhead/lightest VPN! Contact Service four best endpoint for your location/purpose. They use RAM-only VPN Servers, and claim not to backup any usage data (we hope)! For me, Traveling the World, it’s Awesome!
I certainly rate this 5 stars as I have paid for ExpressVPN for 2 years already. Ease of use is number one on my list. Effective, too. And this new year, purchased a new phone and just learned that I can use ExpressVPN also on it. I worried that I would have to pay again to use ExpressVPN on another phone. Great customer support, too. Happy new year to all of you there at ExpressVPN. You people are great!
I’ve talked to them many times about adding ipsec protocol on the android app since it’s the only way that the vpn could work in the middle east on 4g band. When connected to wifi i have no issues but when using 4g it never connects. On the iphone app they provide an in app ipsec protocol option; but on android it should be set up manually from the phone settings and you could enter 1 server at a time and it takes ages to add a server which is inconvenient. Please add Ipsec to the android app.
Works perfectly. Speed is not reduced. You can watch your favourite streaming service from abroad or access website to which traffic from abroad is blocked (like my health insurance website) when you travel. It shields your traffic ( verified with my nosey ISP). Is constantly updated. Definitely worth the yearly fee.
It seems great. I’m told a VPN is damn important. But, I don’t really know much about how the Internet actually works, I mean…I can’t even SEE the Internet; don’t understand how the hell it does all of the things it does…. so I’ll stay happily ignorant and keep on using a VPN (in this case, Express VPN), pay them some money each year, hear their ads on a few select podcasts, and assume I’m considerably safer. So far so good.
Very easy set up, multiple devices, fast or faster connection sometimes(kinda rare, but if you have bad internet then it helps) easy 1 click set up, block traffic if off. Everything I want really. I like the truly random ad experience. And the 1 click. So easy. /edit to reply to dev’s. Yes! Make it a bit more simple to favorite your servers you like using the most haha. Thanks for appreciation and getting back to me.
Constantly disconnects and usually needs 10 minutes to reconnect. I’m in China. Need a VPN. I connect to HK – 4. Will disconnect with HK numerous times Has extreme trouble reconnecting Only reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because I know China is blocking connections but I pay for this service so I expect quality. Their customer service is nice
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