learn english speaking in 7 days


So comprehensive and easy. Good for lerner and beginer…….,…this app is true as write above, almost app are fake but this is really good and easly and also work offline. So i think anyone have to trust. Once again good

Such a brillient App for learning english. Easiest way to get knowledge fast. Very recommended.🖒🖒

It’s a good app for the Basic Beginners. I think the new update should contain difficulty levels (for a better experience) to learn the language thoroughly and also you should add the definations of different and a bit difficult words. I hope you’ll consider it. Thank You!

So goooood app let us download for your vocabulary..as wel as for learning english by easy way….

Needs improvement. There are a lot of mistakes. There is always room for improvement. It is not a negative thing. I am sending screen shots on your email.

Teaching wrong sentences dont learn from this application. Very bad wrong information given to people. Google please take action against such applications and publishers we are fed up Please

i love this app , cause this app is very help fuul for me. this app is too much easy , i like it

im sure its a great app n u put alot of effort into creating this app but i cant read urdu i am english speaking and would like to learn urdu but the ots all written in urdu cant u put transleration also pls thank u..im looking for a user friendly app that can teach me urdu that is in transliteration form..i will appreciate it alot im sure there r lots of people whose having the same problem..cant wait to see improvements on dis application…i am very eager to learn urdu .

My english is very weak۔ You helped me by this verse. Thank you very much۔ And i request you please you uploads application verb sentence and fom’s. please you help me. I am very fond of learning English.

wow su brilliant app 1-good concepts 2-best topics 3-in easy werds 4-understud easly 5-one this i love this app 🙃 love u all brothers working harder on this app allah bless u

Mashallha the app was very helpful for me i am now talking english like it was the local language of my country Pakistan.download

The coversetion, vocabulery and teses are not work properly. This is why? When i entered in coversetion or vocabulery or tense , after some secon it was exit automatically.. this is why?

Good app really. Please addv rules and regulations related to direct and indirect, active voice and passive voice


This app.is very helpful to learn English and vocabulary and u also learn good communication skills nd improve yr daily routine English with good dictionary also I want to say thanks this app nd producer’s regards

It is very useful. I haven’t found such a perfect dictionary in Google play. And i suggest you to use it to gain a lot of information about any word in no time.

this app shows the meaning of words but when we search meaning of the phrase then it shows nothing. For example I searched in lieu then it didn’t show anything

Well app. Only one problem here that’s Search history. It should be accessed here in this app. So, I hope you will give this option to the next update. Thanks

It’s a wonderful app … it has a wide treasure of words and their meaning along with anonymous and pronunciation.. ever best downloaded app in my mobile

It is a very amazing and helpful app. It is easy to use and requires no internet connection. We can easily find and word on it with meaning and synonym

It is very useful app . I learn the translation of any word which I think that it is very tough word .this app help me to understand the translation.thank u for this app.

I love it, I just wish it included sentences with each definition. It should also include an urdu pronounciation of words as well. With these features it’ll make the perfect app and I won’t have to find other ones that meet my needs

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