fake chat app is is really good, minus the adds. I really suggest this app for text chat stories.The reasson why i pick 5 is because this app can be offline and thats good because offline apps dont contain ads!
Fun to tease my boyfriend. He was tense and nervous. He wouldn’t stop pacing and he couldn’t sit still from not knowing what and where the messages was coming from
It’s really fun beacuse it’s like ur texting u friends and when ur lonely u can act like ur texting u can even fake call
So good I just wish I could add another person to it please pretty please let me add people please send me feedback in the next 5 minutes
very good game I can now prank my friends with this easily! But if you are a person who is Big on putting color into your message and making your words colored then this would not exactly be the app for you there are only a couple different colors otherwise this is a good game not a ton of ads but there are still some so you can count on that! I have a little sister and she just likes fake texting she doesn’t even like to prank anybody she just wants to pretend to text. So good job creators!
the app is useful since i’m doing a ff & in some parts, my characters are chatting but the sole problem is that the ads. i gave this 3 stars due to the ads. at first, i used fake chat app to be alleged to put 4 stars on the other hand i got really annoyed with the ads cuz i can not take a ss properly. pls fix this problem. whenever i attempt to click on the cam thingy that lets u ss the convo, it plays a billboard then i can not take the ss so i’ll click the cam thingy again & it’ll play a billboard & it just happens EVERYTIME!
Fake Chat Features: *Dark Mode Added *New Status Added *New You removed a message Added *New Chat Look Added *Voice Messages added *Change Active now text in your language *Edit Messages *Fake Voice/Video Call added *Fake Group Chat added *Chat Stickers added *Gif Image Supported *Chat with Multiple Colors *Chat Screenshot function added *Easy to use interface *Performance improved *Better Memory Management Oh my god
i like it but your not “FAKE” chating app your realy just texting your friend but i think its pretty good and also it says NO ADS when you look at the app on the app store but realy i have been on it fr like 3 minutes and there has been like 10 million adds and thats REALYYYYY weird?!!?!?!?? but everything else makes it a pretty good app but you could realy just go on text and text every one but EVERYTHING ELSE IS PRETTY GOOD!!! i like how the app isnt like, its not like an app you’ll just say any
I love this fake chat app app. Its features are very convincing. For those who loves to write a chat story, download this app so you won’t create dummy accounts again and again.
So great I keep pranking my friends with it what’s also great is I can take a photo of the person off the internet then edit it so it looks like I didnt search it up and put it as the profile picture I would’ve given it 5 star but there are WAY to many ads but still a great game, This app is good,but then,it is every time that the game said”select a username.”so,you better ratebthis app a 4 star and then tell why you like this game/don’t like this game like ME!
Now is the best application 👉📱to chatting with unknown 😂, but I have a problem with this application, please add a new colors, where’s the Magic colors? Please fix thatdownload
It, s SO MUCH FUN I thing it would like being A STUPID GAME but… it, s SO AMAZING U CAN’T BELIEVE U haven’t downloaded fake chat app it… It, s so much fun well… Except for the ads, I mean, it’s cool with me, I love the ads but… It, s just so perfect for me…… and u 🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰😍😍 I, m totally IN LOVE WITH IT
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