First impressions are good. I think I’m going to find this very useful. One little “gotcha” that is worth noting: it doesn’t automatically request storage access, so by default you can’t read the contents of your sdcard(s). You need to specifically enable this in the apps section of Android settings.
Everytime i install c++ this script occured Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation: The following packages have unmet dependencies: libgeos-static : Depends: libgeos (= 3.7.2-3) but 3.8.0 is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have
Excellent, pkg allows installation of most Unix utilities I use in my Linux distros. Currently shrinking a video using ffmpeg, installed wget, curl and many others. Only just scratched the surface of this app but very impressed. I haven’t rooted either, didn’t RTFM either. Thanks for bridging the convergence gap in a simple way. I did previously install it on a Samsung Note 4, it worked equally as well. Obviously this Samsung Note 10 adds a lot more ROM and CPU. Thanks for the work!
Love it! Really good functionality Is there a way to disable the vibration bell? It’s really annoying. Alas, After update by Samsung, word completion is preventing entering commands and passwords. I fixed it by installing: hacker’s keyboard So for me, I recommend A++
1. Limits the number of tabs 2. Also if phone got switch off due to battery drain or any other cause and when we turn on and again run termux app the tabs that were opened were lost and hence even history command does not become useful to rerun the last command. Please do some changes so that termux will keep tabs on when accidently exited, but not when deliberately exited by user. 3. Also copy paste not properly working after update.
Good experience. I found when other Linux apps were aren’t satisfying as much but still enjoyed it and my YouTubers recommended this one and makes usage of this the most and having more of tools for all the type of testing and also doing other types of development where have this one good in finding and also usage of parrot is from anlinux is my favourite choice I have made so that it was good and impressive for the accessories and availability so far. The apps does seems to have some crashes..
So far so very good. Amazing, really. Will let you know if I find any gotchas. None so far. Lots of people ask for left/right arrow keys (me too) but ad-free, open source if slightly cramped CodeBoard app provides these for Termux.I like this app. It’s the most complete Linux terminal emulator I have tried. I can use the commons commands and aplications like less, vi, etc. I even installed packages of applications like vim, nano, open-ssh, etc.A truly awesome tool which really let’s you feel that you’re are running Linux and gives you all (most) of the power from the command lines tools you might miss from a dedicated desktop computer.Awesome terminal app, makes it easy to ssh into a server. With the smart solutions such as tab on a shortcut key, it really makes terminal sessions fast despite being on a phone.Good for mobile… It would be great if “full line text” could be displayed.

Generally the command output that are large, can’t see’em all. Like grep/cat command output. Love it, only thing I want to change is per sefailt have left and right arrow keys added. Its a pain to add them without having them. :DIs not working properly with Samsung keyboard in Android 10. I switched to Google keyboard and that resolved the issue of text not appearing as you type.It’s a great app but the vi the keyboard doesn’t add directional keys like it does with TAB and ESC. This makes writing in vim very difficult and becomes a large hassle to edit. Such a very excellent app It is very helpful when I haven’t laptop This app to clear my Linux operating system paper Thanks for this app developer. Please can u make app like this for only cpp in oop design Please please Thank u so much By by Good Day.

Great app!! But it’s apparently not working correctly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with 8” screen I bought a few nights ago. Characters aren’t appearing on the screen immediately after being pressed on the onscreen keyboard. But a sequence of characters appears after I press the spacebar. I looked online, and other people say they’re having the same problem. When will this problem be fixed? I don’t know if it’s a problem with Termux, or the onscreen keyboard, or other part of the Samsung Galaxy, or some combination of those three, etc. But Termux seems to work fine on my larger Samsung Galaxy, and on my OnePlus 6t smart phone.great app. really useful. I use to run YouTube-dl with it and it’s very fast. a pity there is no a default path for binary files ( no /usr/local/bin, /usr/bin is read only) and I have to type the absolute path for the binary file. too bad there are no left right arrow keys for editing stuff


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