fake call app is a good app in the world.It was a tremendous prank but fake call is good. i will be able to love if you’ll add like video calls and alter the time from seconds to minutes i.e. the amount of your time I even have been talking because it’s less realistic if your talk time just like the length of my conversation conversation is 420 seconds rather than 7 minutes. Well in short, it’s an amazing app and I love it. Good job. Well done. God Bless
I had tons of fun with this app. However , sometimes it stops and my phone says Fake call – prank has stopped but still i’m ready to use it properly but still highly recommend this . I am ready to give names , numbers, pictures and voices to the present app . I love this app a lot .I was using it just ok ….. When the problem started. I was setting a fake call and that i wanted to record my voice. When I clicked start recording. It said app stopped. I tried multiple times but an equivalent thing happened. Work on this pls. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars
Pops up ads WITH SOUND everytime you open or hang up a fake call. Makes it useless for intented use. Plus some ads have girls singing. Kind of difficult to explain. IF THEY DON’T FIX THIS BE VERY CAREFUL WHERE AND WHEN YOU USE THIS!
this is perfect! it installed in literally seconds and was so insanely simple to use…no exaggerating. thanks for creating this app, then sharing it with us all for FREE! came in super handy just now!
When I was with my cousin we had an excellent time playing this because we was joking that are step Mom was calling but all I’ve need to say is we had a great time and you should try this game.😐I’m totally obsed with this game you should totally try this game.❤❤❤It’s awesome easy to use and no in app purchases! The only problem is that I can’t rate any higher than 5 stars
Horrible it explodes like a volcano yet constantly with ads I hate it cool app that’s why it’s a ⭐⭐ rating but over than that I hate it
This app only advertismant, not have any option for selecting time incoming call , and just an excessive amount of have advertismant Anoyying, don’t waste time for this app

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