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Water constitutes a third of any body, and we must make it wet all the time, to maintain its health, muscle and tissue, and to maintain the lasting youth of the skin.
Water Minder, a smart water calculator, provides you with a water tracking service in your body, and gives you advice and guidance to maintain the water ratio at an ideal concentration appropriate to your weight and body.
In the coming lines, we will learn more about this application, what its most useful advantages are, and how to download it through a direct link.

What problems can water shortages cause?

Water accounts for 90% of the brain as well as 83% of the blood is water, as well as a large proportion of any organ of the body, which gives our intake of water great importance.
The fact that the water ratio in our bodies is below a specific level depending on body weight and length can cause significant public health problems, as it can cause dehydration of the skin, poor concentration, head aches and many other symptoms.

What does the water calculator application offer?

In life we may forget to drink enough water to hydrate our bodies, and we always need someone to remind us to drink from them.
This program can track the amount of water you’ve eaten, as it reminds you of the times you have to drink water, based on the amount of your sweat in hot weather.

Water minder Features

Many features bring many benefits to users, the most important of which are:

  • The app has an elegant design interface for ease of use.
  • You can set water glasses and other drinks and their colors through multiple icons.
  • Through graphs, you can see how much you achieve your daily hydration target.
  • When you start using the application you have to determine your weight accurately, where the amount of water you need will be calculated according to it, and also based on other data such as weather, your activity.
  • In case you’re nursing or pregnant, you have to record it in the calculator in order to determine your daily need for water.
  • Shows the level of hydration you have achieved during the day or month.

Loading Method

You can download the application via the main browser in your device, or via the link we offer below,

just press the link.

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