Goo. i’m very disappointing and wish my a refund . I chose premium while installation because it said i will be able to be getting premium services for free of charge for 3 days n then I can cancel the services if i do not want. But you guys deducted it at an equivalent time. I just wanted to undertake and now i actually need me a refund . Don’t attempt to get money by giving false statements. i actually need my a refund . Hope you’ll be doing the needful as early as possible. Thanks. temp Mail is a helpful app for creating a throwaway account on an internet site or something that you simply do not know if it’ll send spam to your main email, but with temp mail you’ll see that it spams that temporary email and you’ll just advance and obtain a replacement one.

Much easier then making a replacement email yourself Everytime, and with premium I hear that you simply can pick what you would like your email to be, and you’ll hold multiple inboxes directly , that’s a premium ability though, but they are doing need to make their a refund .Awesome for avoiding spam, i do not use advanced features but once I site requires an email this keeps them from flooding my personal inbox with junk. It’s nice you’ll receive mail on this app when something needs email verification. Been using for a few year and still love it .
I bought the professional version that not works because you guys want to charge a monthly subscription. I already paid 14.99 for the professional version this is often ridiculous. Excellent service for mail privacy. Needs more TLD options available, but great work! Highly recommended!Its my first time using this app and to be honest I even have no issues with it thus far .. So i gave it 5 star, it is so awesome.

The app keeps spamming for premium. If I wanted to be spammed, i would not be employing a throwaway email app.No complaints about the applications function but without purchasing the premium service don’t plan any future use as a continuing usable email. Updated Review: Finally the developer listened and has finally given us few free mailboxes to urge obviate annoying sign-ups & also now another feature has been introduced! Which let’s you subscribe their paid feature and obtain your own personal dummy email account. this is often a really good feature, and that i wish if there was a prepaid option too, in order that one can purchase it on prepaid method. download

a bit like truecaller and other apps. Overall it’s again my top choice for a dummy mailbox. Great work developer!This application is great for temporary email. Originally, I gravitated towards it because I got uninterested in my email address being sold to 3rd parties. Unless you select to get the premium version, the emails only stay in your inbox for two hours. To be honest, I wish I had the choice of deleting the emails during a timeframe specified by me.
It’s great once I want to get something online and do not want to supply one among my legitimate email addresses.So grateful for tools like temp mail! Some apps and websites don’t allow you to register with funky domain names (which often have two or more periods in them) that re-route to a primary address. And if all you would like to try to to is make a disposable alt for temporary use then it are often quite frustrating as most sites REQUIRE an email address a minimum of . So far, the domains used from this app aren’t blacklisted, which may be a real relief on behalf of me .

Without temp mail i might not are ready to do what I wanted to try to to . Great concept however if anyone including myself buys the premium you offer then the aim of the the temp email is null and void. Private means private! Most companies website’s either need a check in or continue address of the one that need a non traceable email address. This address is receive only. Not working on behalf of me but I’m sure some will enjoy the service. My two cents. Have an excellent weekend!I just did suggest you create it private without registration!My favorite disposable email – you cannot beat this.

I live to use it online but this app is even nicer. it is a great service and therefore the interface is completely fine. Great app!Its been really useful because they will provide you with a temp email address which will be considered by most as validated and geniune. Easy smooth!! Awesome job!!..It is an honest application i can use facebook many accounts by the assistance of this application Good application.plz do this application. **update** as i stated i purchased the professional version of this app, which not works. That a breach of tos..you have not replied to my email**update** absolute despicable company. Doesnt reply to emails. Im gonna do everything in my power to urge this app removed,** don’t PURCHASE. purchased premium a couple of years ago.

Now the app not works ,”network error please check your network connectiom” and “cant get domain lists, please try again” not happy. the simplest of temporary mailing service. However, it does have ads that disrupts your flow of labor . Sometimes are often annoying. In other words, if there was less ads, it might are simple an excellent app. many thanks for providing an excellent app. How do i select the domain from your domains provided ? i’d need two different email addresses from same email domain.There are many tempmail live store. In past this one is great! But now this one is poor. There are filled with adds. Adds are sucks. a while i can not seen inbox message, empty? Disappointed. during this day of spam, this app may be a life saver. Simple and even the non premium


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