I recently got the app free tiktok fans and its okay, the one thing that really annoys me is the description and share, like, buttons all over the screen! I feel like I cant see the full video because of all the stuff covering up the screen! Especially when a user has text at the bottom the screen in their video and I cant read it because the description is covering it up! Please make a way to hide all those buttons from the screen!!I have been trying to use this app for MONTHS now. I have done EVERY update.

No matter whether I’m connected to my WIFI, or my data plan, it continues to show that I have no connection to the internet. I do not understand why!! My daughters both have the exact same phone as I, and are able to connect just fine. WHAT IS THE ISSUE HERE???This is an awesome app….. You can make videos, watch videos, follow, like, share, and comment on many others videos.

Also if you are following someone and they follow you back then you get to talk to each other there is also a good chance that your favorite people are on this app too… but be careful, there are fan pages.I love this up so much! I know that not all people get recognized in this app, but we atleast enjoy making the videos to entertain ourselves! I recommend this app to people who are confident enough to show and enjoy themselves, even if it means not getting likes at all. This app is not about the likes and popularity, but about showcasing your talent and enjoying every second of it.

Why does it take like free tiktok fans 3 steps to get to my incoming messages? They should be available when I click inbox. It’s ridiculous. Also I have everything UNchecked for notifications except for messages… And since the last update I’m getting EVERY NOTIFICATION! And I can’t shut it off! For an app that’s popular for its content, it’s UI is absolute trash. Can’t even hide captions that cover half of the screen on the videos.Tiktok is a nice app, but recently it’s been getting a bit strange.

I’d say it’s a very funny app where people have equal opportunities to have the ‘hype’. But you see, on the for you page you see loads of hate pages and fan pages. These fps and hps shouldn’t be showed as much as it is now, it should be more comedy, art, dance and THEN pages. Sorry for the 3 star review, I was going to give it 5 but never mind. Hope you understand 👍I love the app and it’s great and all, but I don’t get why you can’t long in you can sing in thought and I you remember your username and password you can long in by singing in…THAT’S JUST THE WEIRD PART ABOUT IT…and another thing why can’t 12 and under have the app?

I really hope you can fix the long in part the other half dosen’t have to! >(3Why this app is not functioning properly everytime I open this app it shows no internet connection.. Why this is happening?? So many times I have uninstalled and then installed but then also it shows no internet connection even when my mobile data is onn other app is functioning but only in this app I m facing problem. why is it so? What should I do??Enjoying every video plus making my own. I love that there’s not just “pretty people” on this app. I love seeing people with skill, creativity, and showing off their passions instead of seeing people pose infront of the camera to show off how much money they’ve spent on their bodies to seem perfect.

The creative people have 100x more beauty than a chick with implants, had surgery to get abs, or men with veneers, contacts, and steroids. Looking forward to more content, Happy Quarantining!!!Exceptional app. Very entertaining and fun. The only problem I found is that, once you’ve uploaded a video and you figure out that there is a flaw or mistake in your video, either you have to delete it and do the whole thing over again, or you let the mistake as it is and bear all the comments from others telling that you’ve have made a mistake… Devs… Please change this…

But at the end of the day, this is a wonderful app free tiktok fans.The application is interesting, but does not work on my phone, several times I had to uninstall and reinstall, and the message appears that this application is not for me. The worst is that I advertised this app to my friends and they downloaded it through my referral! I am extremely dissatisfied with Tik Tok. It’s a great app, and you cam do a lot on it. People across the world have become stars from TikTok. You can make TikToks, and watch them.

You can follow people, like and comment on videos, ect. I love everything except the fact that you can only be logged onto 3 accounts at once. If you have TikTok, you would probably be called a “TikToker” at some point in you life.Dear Tiktok Team, I have a problem with my live option. from some day my live feature has been out for my ID. I don’t know why?? so please tell me what is a problem..?

why I am not able to live streaming. if my live feature go out due to my mistake then i apologize for this and I promise you from next I will mind it and we try to make tiktok save and clean. its my humble request to you please give me back Live feature. THANKYOU.My only problem is that the green screen effect isn’t apparently compatible with my device, which is rather annoying, as my phone isn’t a very old model, unless it’s just a Samsung thing.

In which case that is super annoying because I would like to use the effect.Spectacular! Very Amazing also. I really really like it. There is reeally cool stuff om it! And when i first got on TikTock i thought it was really nothing,but then I started to go on it more amd more and I loved it now! So i think more people should go on this app its really cool trust me!!!

This app free tiktok fans is very amazing and I know that its gonna be more accoplished sooner in the future, Im very sure.i think this app is super fun BUT i also have a suggestion i think everyone will LOVE. so with the favorites thing of how you can save someones video to your favorites, i wish it was more organized. almost like pinterest with separate sections with categories but you make your own titles for them, etc. can you make that something in your new update? bc i have workout videos saved but i can never find them amongst other clever funny videos i have saved. PLEASE READ THIS AND AT LEAST RESPOND!!!


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