super vpn is best vpn connection.

I play Asphalt 9 and have been plagued by poor internet with lags, skips, poor connections and disconnects. Once this app was installed there was a dramatic increase in my speed and connection to the internet … Asphalt 9 requires a solid internet connection … Super VPN has provided this advantag…

I tried many other VPN apps, but their net speed went too low after connection. But this app does a far better job. After I connect to this VPN (free version)…my Net speed is still better. I get 200 kbps to 2 MB speed in this app. I like this app. Thanks a lot to your entire team.

Today I tried at least a dozen VPN, and this one gave me Fastest Speed…!!!! Thank you so much developers..!! Deleting all other VPN apps, will keep using this one now, and give my long term review later.

The connection is fast but the goddamn vpn is get disconnected every now and then.. kinda irritating when you play certain game that need vpn and that happen.. if you ask, yes my connection is all fine.. if it’s a bug please fix it soon..

It’s connected but very difficult to use it. It more or less like it has deconnected, it has been going on for some days now please check for the cost of that. Thank you, by the way is a good VPN and I love using it. These is my problem.

Since last some days I’m using this superVPN app. I have some questions and clearification… while I’m in wifi network it’s ON but as go away from wifi it’s automatically stops and then in mobile data as I prefer it’s not working.. make some solution to stay ON at mobile data.


I’m sorry. The VPN were great. However it’s TRUE they slowing down your internet speed. Negative -ve , obviously. No matter either WiFi or mobile data. Lol. They even change the content language (10/10 Chrome Results)

I am using this VPN since last six years and i didn’t faced any problem. I recommend it for those who needed to surf hassle free. download

this real super free vpn, dont know in the future will get slower or not, for now this the best fast free than other, dont know this safe to use but never using this to pay anything

It’s not a bad app, the problem is only that it trips off without my knowledge.. And, it takes like 4ver to get fully connected.

Vpn Monster Mod Apk

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