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jazz world introduction

Jazz World uses the latest technology with real-time integration to Jazz’s systems on billing information, recharge, and data consumption. To promote transparency, usage history feature allows you to access Call, SMS and Data history with a single click.

Welcome to the Jazz Digital Experience. Jazz World is the one-stop solution to all your Jazz / Warid account needs. You can now manage your account easily with a few taps.this is the jazz world app which gives many offers.The application worked good for a month and after that it stopped working at all. I am sick and want to install application now.  reinstalled the application many times but the result was the same. I visited the jazz experience centr. jazz world offering many discounts

jazz world feature

This is best apl but need some features Like to update automatically. Some time it show the old result amd you are using net in your balance. At also show you sms result and time is ended in your package. Also add. 1. How to make your own offer 2. How to order a new jazz connection by your choice po. My song download

Nice app. Now you add some detail in profile of sim i.e which prepaid package(other than monthly, weekly or daily packages) i am using but if i want to change then how can i do that? Because there is no package other than daily, weekly, monthly. So, add those packages also which i can change permane…

The app is not reliable. It does not updating the accurate results, it needs improvment. I am using jazz postpaid sim. The app tells only remaining usage but does not tell on, net and off net usage saperatly, and nor tell about internet usage It doesn’t work as we open it. It shows 0,0,0 0 in every

The recharge option is great and I like that it shows my balance history, as well as the current account. However, some of the best packages are not shown here and there are no packages displayed for SMS only, even though they are available as I have found them on the internet. In addition, please d.

It’s really a great feeling for me to have some key areas of management with regard to the network I have been using in my smart phones taken care of wonderfully well by this application. The developers seem to have put their heart and soul into the product before launching it. I must say that JazzW


I have balance in my sim when i was ussing internet ur daily free mbs is available in my account now i have left 59mbs. But my balance is endd. That is out of my thinking or i think that was fakee mbs u give. Throw to jazz app. Yesterday night that will happen.if u do that then tell me. I will chang.

Jazz world should make it more better than before. They should add subscribed offer details such a validy time and date and also offer detail how can i use it when this offer is usable and when its not. There should be option of describe offer. More over a sms notification be sent if 5% of data.

This is quite easy to manage your all packages in one JazzWorld Applications, although some improvements always needed like every time when you go and check your history it required a verification pin. But overall it was my good experience of using this application.
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