The service of speed vpn is good. But you out excessive advertising on it and you push too much for the paid service that many users don’t want.It was good, but after a while it just disconnects Happens in the middle of anything and just don’t work. It’s good and easy to connect but if using data hoo its expensive. Actually I tried few vpn apps, yet this is the best I can reach all my accounts easily & fast, recommending it strongly👍👍.


The app disconnects itself after some few seconds of connectivity in Android 9. What could be wrong? And what solution can you give to already affected individuals like me? NOTE: after connecting it, it disconnects it self automatically in 15 seconds time. HELP ME PLEASE. Wow fast, stable , one touch connection and realy unlimited vpn and make your download activity so fast. Very very nice app.Very good app because, now I m living in saudi arabia here what’s up cal is not connect to india so now I m using this app in saudi and cal through by what’s up very clearly.

This VPN is simple but powerfull. I use it in my Xperia and Mi A1, but I rate 4 star because since android 9 release this VPN have some trouble for connected to the server. But, so far away SpeedVPN is good for me. Thanks.it works for me i was in a creepy area and had a lot for stuff happens and everything went away after turning it on like it was never there in the first place. My opinion is that it’s something worth using if u don’t want any hackers and viruses on handheld device’s in the public places. It doesn’t work now! It was good before but since two days ago I couldn’t connect, what’s wrong with it? I was going to rate 5* to this app but unfortunately, it didn’t meet what I have expected! Sorry!!

How am I supposed to use the network, which is now supposed to be private (virtually, mind you), if every time I leave the “connected” screen, it automatically DISconnects? I can’t find any instructions.
It’s the best vpn app i got in my country which is Chad, simple and fast to connect to, it may have other tools but the only am using is the vpn connection, which is all i need actually. Love it! Well done.

It’s a good speed VPN, very fast but the ads are kind of annoying. The banner ads are at least tolerable but full screen ads are really download annoying.
My game loads at 100% but doesn’t get into the actual game page after that. This app helped resolve the issue. Works for me!
It is faster than the other VPNs.
Sometimes, it displays difficulties in connecting in either late connecting or not at all. Ads are also much.i use the vpn to watch youtube on blocked work interemt and works, my internet is very slow and havmt yested the vpn onma fastet connection so cant comment on its spead but im happy with. ads are placed correctly so they dont get in your way while trying to use it.It was good vpn ever but since few days its keep disconnecting itself and sometimes it stop wifi signals to browse.
it failed to connect recently, what happened? it used to be the best vpn i got but i’m a bit disappointed right now. super super…. Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent. Nice.. Super Super. But This App Is Very Battery 🔋 Use. Ok. Please Check this app. Super. My Congratulations Bro.. love you thanks 🙏…❤️
till now 19_4_2019 speed vpn is working very nicely thanks to there software engineeres i hope it is working same in future also
First time vpn Is connected but now vpn is not connecting app developer kindly short out the issue.
this is a best vpn in the world. this vpn is never disconect ofter connectuing. this is very simple and working in all the country in the world. in pakistan espacialy its is properly working on telenor and zong, at telenor its working fine
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