Snap Vpn Apk has no adds, but it’s free and it works, you get the choice of 5 or 6 something vpn’s to choose from that are, free, and if you want more that that you can pay a small amount of money if you want more vpn’s that are better. But because it’s free, only has two adds when you pull up the app and it works, it’s a five star for me

I was going to give 5stars, but after the last update, the free servers passed from 3 (Germany, UK and USA) to just one (USA). Bit disappointed for that. BTW, most of the times, while you’re using it, it switched off by itself. Overall it works well.Bad unless you get premium in which case it’s amazing you just have to let the VPN content and leave it for about 10 minutes to let it settle and then it’s great.There’s no such app(atleast in my knowledge) which provides a 1day VIP membership for watching a video. Speed does matter and one can feel in the VIP membership. One thing I want to mention is that each update brings down that Earn 1Day VIP button and this is frustrating. But as everything is concerned, this app does the job. I wish the update should fix the issue I mentioned as early as possible.

From last three days it is not working, also there is only one server is showing to connect snap vpn apk, very bad before it is working very good and fast . Hope team will make it correct.

Where are the other countries servers in free list? Only three countries can be seen in free servers! Would appreciate if you add India in that free list. This will help us to connect our mobile sim content while roaming as well as browse content related to India. Currently i live in Saudi Arabia. No, India server was included earlier but currently it is not available in free list. Are you going to add India in your free list?VIP user can access Indian content but not in free listed. Please improve!

Lovely app that offers ads in exchange for a free v.i.p server that lasts a day. Haven’t seen that offer before and it’s come quite in handy! Thank you! download
Hi, I’m not able to get past the security reminder notification. The app is hanging and not letting me select the option ‘Agree’. Please help! TIA

This app is good..i tried many others and Snsp VPN apk Unlimited gonna stay..cos its the best..try guys..sure you will love it.

Works for 3 minutes, then have to switch Never loads videos. Takes 5 minutes to scroll down reddit and reload new content.

Dev team kudos to you. This is literally defining awesome. Smooth and effortless with brilliant execution.

Fantastic brilliant experience with the skills development course and unbelievable experience with capacity of the most important challenge I had with the skills development course I gained and I have proven experience working within a leading company based based in London Road Glasgow and I have been working with a team based in North Yorkshire and have recently been working with the Internet server’s for over an hour to join in with a team based based in London in

earlier you could watch ads and enjoy the 1 day free pro version. but now even if you watch an ad it does not get you inside the pro version. fix it please. Update: as told by the developers to update to the latest version of the app. Its still the same. Pages do not open. Waiting for the fix.
this app is really good man. its working perfectly, im using it for last 6 months n it never be down & the main thing is that it never forced u to buy premium account thats sounds good.sometimes server issue occured bt it could be acceptable.i have no issue about this vpn.there r lotz of vpn around the market & most of them are paid.so this vpn is good choice for peoples likes me (who never want to gave penny for vpn services) go n download it.

I think I can say it is the best free snap vpn apk I have ever used.It provides high speed,and highly stable free vpn service.Since I download this app,I haven’t tried turnning to another vpn anymore.The only shortcoming as well as a suggestion is that it doesn’t have a pc version so far,which I can’t wait to use!


Vpn lite

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