Just purchased a Channel from live nettv apk in Master Stream+ as my DVR+ no longer had a working TV guide to enable me to be able to schedule a week on tv of live nettv apk  or more of TV programming. I have spent the last 5 days on live nettv apk trying to get the CC to work on this device and it does not. Channel Master says to notify Google – which I did – and you all know the results of that! Sadly, I will have to return my Stream+ simply because of this app.

  • On a Channel Master Stream+ set top box it is cumbersome to record a program due to lack of a single record button on the remote. Also, there is no Prev button to jump back and forth between two stations. These are standard features on a TV remote. It’s a wonder why Live Channels does not support this.
  • Doesn’t work properly with a Sony Bravia XBR850C TV.. finds channels but no program information and gives me a “wireless network not connected” error when trying to add streaming services which is probably the reason I’m also not getting the program info but my netflix and Youtube etc work fine so its not a tv network problem.
  • Works well as it is. The major complaint I have is that the app does not have an option so that the user can manually set recording times. Also I have to keep enabling close captioning for programs. It would be better if the user could set close captioning as a general rule for all recordings.
  • Using with nvidia shield pro 2019 and HDHomeRun.live nettv apk Navigation buttons are counter-intuitive, hitting back exits out of the app altogether as opposed to going to the guide or something else. A single click and bam! In addition, this app always unfavorites itself, i don’t know how or why. If I pin it as a favorite, its gone. If i add it anywhere convenient, it disappears hours later. I wish it worked, I like the guide more than Plex’s, and the PIP, but i will stick with Plex.my units took this update and all of a sudden I lost all my channels from my HD that is hooked up to my usb hauppauge tv tuner! I almost climbed all the way up to the roof of my house to mess around with my antenna then I decided to uninstall all the updates and guess what! All my channels came back! Please fix the update files because it renders the hauppauge usb tv tuner useless afterwards!!! Not to mention I have lost all my recorded tv shows when I uninstalled the update which is a bumber!!!For a free app it does a lot, It pulls my channels no issue. There was an epg issue recently but it was updated. Granted I’m on the Nvidia shield. It records no issue. You can also use other apps channels to be pulled in like pluto tv. So you get extra channels all under one app. I use it all the the time, if you set it up right it just runs.Was working well until version 1.21 on our Channel Master Stream+. Now the program guide for antenna channels is broken. Hopefully an update will fix this issue. Also, you can only scan for channels with one antenna orientation which is a problem if located in an area with channels distributed in multiple directions. Need a way to manually add channels or scan with the antenna in different directions without removing previously scanned channels.
  • Live Channels came pre-loading on my nvidia shield. It picked-up live nettv apk up my hdhomerun immediately. Interface is very light. Light meaning few features. One feature I loaded an app TvHeadend?( a client for TVHeadEnd)_. Turns out the client was a Shim to Live Channel. So now my Live Channels picked up the TvHeadEnd channels. Now TvHeadEnd is 90miles away and on a crappy network. Less than 1mbs. After fiddling with the codecs on TvHeadend I had reasonable video and audio. Kodi could not handle the latency but Live Channels has no problem. Update: The TvHeadend with Live Channel seem to be buggy spawning multiple streams/transcodes while changing channels leading the TvHeadend server unusable.download
  • On version of live nettv apk 1.21, the voice search doesn’t work and the time shift turn off by itself and need to be re-enabled. Had to downgrade to 1.19 to get those 2 options working again. Also, why the recordings don’t work after downgrading or upgrading and where to leave feedback for this app other than leaving reviews. This app would be perfect if the search was better and the updates don’t break it so often.Ran great on my nvidea shield and my HAUPPAUGE WINTV-DUALHD until the new update that just came on this week in December 2019 then all my local channels got no signal . Had to un-install latest update to get it working again.
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