Daily Status Earn Money


Installed the app again daily Status Earn Money. I don’t have any complains. I never experience any issue that other developing/quite new apps have. I just hope Lymbuzz get more users because the community is pretty quiet. I’m planning to get more active though. I can’t help but wonder where these guys’ funds are coming from since there aren’t (much) sponsored ads. Lol. Anyway, I have high hopes.

I just downloaded the app. But when I made an attempt to register and filled all the required fields, the field which has a First name started to have an error saying all first name should only contain letters. My first is Lyndie Rose, which one of those is not a letter? What should I write then? Please reply and help me with this issue.
Actually the idea is good keep goin but there are some gliches which might lag the app itself …. Actually its not very complicated but not to easy i hope this will be done soon Congratulations keep going i will refer my friends also.
Nice concept and is easy to use, 100%trusted according to the terms and conditions as we just install app gives 1$ as a base asset and by posting real contents you can show your views not others very nice app i suggest all of the viewers to download this app as your reviews value a lot .
I’m just new on your app i just download it a few minutes ago, but i found it a little bit difficult because i don’t know what to do on it , should i post a video or a pic or what i don’t know what to do but ,i just wanna inform you that im already Blogger so i can write blogs without any ”copy paste” problem and i can send you examples of my blogs to see if you find like them. Also i write stories but all of that i can’t start it if i don’t know the algorithm of this app,until then. Regards
Dear dont your valuable time they banned my account i just asked question whether its legit or what they got angry. Actually there re fraud scammer they have no answer finally banned my account. I really honestly request dont waste your time becoz one day you will be worry like me. I know owner will block me from comment feedback after see my comment i doesnt care about it. Thank you
Why should I choose another one if Iam getting paid for my own posts in lymbuzz.. love lymbuzz. It is a growing community. It values our creativity.
You need to share daily status earn money content and people should like your content. I think you are somewhat confused about how does this work. Please read the blogs in app to understand how it’s work and still if you have any confusion I would be happy to help. Thanks for using the app.
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