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I’m assuming there’s been a recent update. I’ve used Cricinfo for years and it has served me well apart from the occasional glitch. But now it takes ages to load, won’t scroll properly and has bits of information missing off screen. You’ve gone and fixed something that didn’t need fixing and fixed it to bits!A once proud app, now they can’t even handle scrolling. Littered with ads now. Cricket used to be the focus and some coverage has improved but the consumer has suffered greatly and it’s impossible to say the ads have been worth it.
The interface is just plain awful! Difficult to understand how can such an iconic app have such a terrible layout. Could they not find some good UX designers? To make matters worse , the ads start auto playing freezing the phone at times.In Redmi 5 the after I choose to see updates on particular score of the match which is live I am unable to view the line where it says ” Day – 1 team A leads by X runs with X wickets renaming. ” There is bug as the above line gets superimposed. Please rectify the same. Thanks
This app is horrible. The user experience is pretty abysmal. If you scroll down to read something in a live match, the next ball’s commentary will refresh the screen. Ads. Still couldn’t figure out whether a comment gets submitted or not. The Cricinfo website is not very dissimilar. Unusable. Used to think my old Android device is the issue. This is a new OnePlus 7 Pro with all of its updates. Still the same.

Horrible app! It takes ages to load, ads pop up at random intervals, and when one scrolls scoreboards downwards it often goes upwards. You guys seriously need to work this through!So many bugs keep happening. Scrolling is ridiculous right now. If it were not for Cricinfo love, would have switched.Don’t implement non sense feature in the app.. Now the advertisement is coming in full volume, while we open to view the score.. imagine we are setting in a meeting room or office, open the app to check score and suddenly a stupid advertisement with full volume starts playing.. Do you think anyone going to use your app after that… I have given you 5 star because I like the app.. Hopefully you will able to understand my concern..I would have loved to rate it 5 🌟 but a couple of things compell me not to rate. 1) Subtitles don’t work, please fix it. 2) Home menu is bit complicated, please make it a bit simple. 3) ESPNCRICINFO website on Google provide detail stats but unfortunately the app doesn’t provide so. Please add those stats in the app as well. I am sure you will work on these requests.The last few versions have been progressively awefull with the latest one nearly unusable. Even basic functions like scrolling up and down are a pain in scoreboard, commentary and different other section. Difficult decision this but, I am moving on to a different app.

Once my favorite application to watch cricket scores . Now uninstalling this pathetic application because after every scroll you guys will find an add…. Suckss
Please don’t autoplay noisy video ads on the homepage. I should not have sound blasting out when I open the app.Videos always start playing automatically even if I just want to check score I have to make sure that my media volume is down to zero so that some random ads doesn’t start playing automatically otherwise a good app.Worst app ever. Whenever I try to open, it just hangs and doesn’t. I use cricbuzz app from the same device and it works just fine. I am using Galaxy S6 phone.I will use this app if it becomes user friendly. The theme of the app makes it poor. ESPN is better than Cricbuzz in all other aspects but its UI is bad. So I don’t like to use it. If it becomes user friendly, I will use.it.After latest update app is not working properly. Scorecard page need to be fixed and cant scroll down. Fix it as soon as possible.Worst app… Never works while traveling. And low data coverage area, where online cricket videos don’t work we rely on Cricinfo and this never works when we need it the most..Idiotic toss info in Domestic Matches Which Causes Very Much Loss For Fantasy Players.They first Give some Team Won the Toss Then they Change it.Very Strange!!

UI needs lot of improvements. UI hasnt evolved over time. Scorecard updates can be faster. Soemtimes scorecard shows incorrect info like the wrong batsman is shown as the bastman at strike. No future fixtures update here, its only related to few things and news updates also not well featured. Too many ads

This app freezes a lot. Keep it in quarantine instead of keeping in play store. There is no half star or else I would have given that.App is superslow in starting and loading. Not something you want when theres a tight match going on. Cricbuzz is better any day!For the past few weeks there is a lag in the information appearing on the main screen when I open the app. At times the info (score, articles, headlines) is lagging by a few hours and at other times by a few days. Refreshing the page most often does not work either. Hope the bug can be fixed asap, otherwise may need to consider other sources for cricket scores and news!

After the recent update this app is not the same. Another update is highly recommended to make the app more appealing to use. Like they need to work on their presentation of the application. Dashboards need to be more colorful and user friendly.i really what the team has done for the sport. But the experience in reading articles is quite poor. 2 examples: 1. In the live report, i was not really able to scroll down and read further. When i scrolled down, it went to the next article but not the remaining part of the same. Previously, it moves to next article/section only after we finish the current one completely. 2. A recent post – of other ways to determine a winner after super over. This is very funnybbut am unable to compete this too.

The app has all the great Cricinfo content, but it is frustratingly slow and unresponsive. Unresponsiveness is particularly experienced when viewing scorecards of live games. In addition, a lot of the content seems like it is basically being run on the browser. If so, why should I not just access Cricinfo using the mobile browser? Why have the app at all? Fix your bugs, guys.
Used to be very good. But amazingly every time they “upgrade it” the ‘wicket alert’ function gets worse. Two years ago the wicket alerts were perfect. I got a message every time. Now they are barely working at all. During the recent World Cup I got less than 10% of the alerts I should have got.
Autpplay Ads. Even when I set my preference to ‘Never autoplay videos’, the ads still start with sound. It’s very annoying and inconvenience in a public place or office where you just want to check score quickly.
This is a really bad app for a reputed sports website. The app scores very low at being user friendly. A very limited set of features from the site seem to be available on the app, but it eats up a lot of storage. After the most recent update, there are even more bugs. Can’t read commentary for individual wickets from the scorecard page; the tap just doesn’t respond. Full commetary doesn’t load properly anymore. The app’s probably surviving due to some loyal fans; should get better to retain them. The latest updates have caused bugs in the android app; when checking the scorecard, I’m unable the collapse the first innings scorecard when clicking on the drop down arrow. Also, when clicking on the batsmen who have been out the drop down doesn’t collapse to show the comments on how they were out. Please retrain your Dev team, release new versions after a thorough test including regression testing. I have to switch to Cricbuzz because of the frustration caused.Although the content is great, it is inexcusable that the app continues to autoplay videos with audio even though i have selected the option to never autoplay the videos. Imagine being in a grocery store and loud abnoxious music suddenly starts playing and you have no control to stop it other than to force close the app. Absolutely horrible.
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