I LOVE this app. But you better download BigTime) and Enter (QRSF6) and get $ 10. A good way to get money. Not getting rich, but extra money is useful. It is also the best point-to-рoint eхchange rate. It is also verу reliable to paу you when you use PayPal. You can choose different gift cards for payment or transfer to PayPal for cash. Your choice. I love these guуs, thanks for adding fun on my daу.So far the app has been easy to set up and it seems to be one that has a fast means of making a decent bit of money. Hopefully this continues to be the case, as so many others offering the same thing pay literal pennies on the dollar.
Great app and easy to use. Just install apps and be on your merry way of earning gift cards. Best of all it is free!!
Amazing app, easy to use and full of fun. Will be more satisfied if more payment options are added like the Bitcoins payment etc…Love this app!! Earn PayPal cash for doing the smallest things it’s not hard !!! Love it!!!Wow ,,honestly I dont usually do these apps but wow great cashed out £15 in a week another £5 on way ,,credits are INSTAND as soon as offer completed,WICKED GENUINE APP.

Very nice apps. & Easy to use. I think money apps is the best earning site in the world’s. So viewers don’t forget to install this Application. Thanks A Lot Online Money Rewards Limited.Its an amazing app, you get credits for performing simple tasks, when you download just enter MTYEYI. Awesome update loved it and most importantly in my life. Because its too easy to achieve money from air. Ahha i just proves my self, cuz i realy earn more cash from this realy its good for alll generations.

Before installing this app, make sure you Read all Reviews. you will get nothing. useless app, just waste your time and data :D.
The application is beneficial and easy to use so you not only having fun but you’re also making money.Haven’t cashed out yet but so far they reward promptly for tasks complete. When I hit $5 and cash out will be the true test… Nicely done
Easy but didn’t count every task I miss this one with the biggest points. Otherwise it is interesting I hope it will pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This app is a waste of time and a scam. I wasted my time completing offers and when I tried withdrawing, it failed and I didn’t get my credits back which meant I couldn’t try again to withdraw. STAY AWAY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. This app does actually pay but the customer service is horrible takes them forever to respond to an emal. Question whats the value of credits ? Do 100 credits equal $1.00 ?and how long will it take for my survey credits to show up.i completed a 700 credit survey and it isnt showing when i open the app.I think this app ok for org yg duk main fon slalu,dlm mse sme boleh tmbh duit poket..but make sure kne bersabar laa hahaha. This app is a valuble app, because it is support to you earn money with difference ways…….., however, this app install , come and see yourself.I hope i it will pay real money. All apps now is scam .i hope this apps is real paying apps i rate 4 star because i like this app

Just getting started but seems to have a lot of fun opportunities to make some real money. Can’t wait to start making some for myself.Well… i just started using it, isnt that nad really… buuuuut 5000 points is a long way to go… all in all, very possible n eady too 👌🏼👍🏼🤟🏼. fake, its a scam. they will let u waste ur time to get the credit. but then won’t let u withdraw it. keep pending! i will give zero star if it had.Not enough information on how may level of fortress i need to complete in king of avalon. The text are not complete.Good i like it hope that it can keep my attition and make a couple bucks hahahahahahahah but anyways i am not sure what else to write so i guess i am goibg to keep rambling and also TT his app is the greatest you hear meeeeeeeeeeee. Best app, ever seen, pls download this app, because i use it to make daily and if you did not have this app in your phone tou are missing

I’m glad i uninstalled this after a few days, since the app wanted me to complete tasks inside different games, but each time i make an effort and progress in some of them, up to some level, they dissappear from the lot! Every time. Poof, gone. And then other games appear instead, without any warning or ways to know how much time you have to complete the action. Furthermore, videos never worked and all the positive reviews are made by people who gave 5 stars in exchange for a few points. Hoax.

It was very wonderful using this app. I really enjoyed using this app. I learnt alot through this app. This app was really helpful and useful to me. It wasn’t difficult finding and downloading this app. Goggle play store should provide more useful apps like these. Am so happy i didn’t make a mistake downloading the app, and i don’t regret downloading this app. This app really helped me solve my problem, it proferred solutions to my problems. I didn’t use much data on thos app. All thanks to u guy.
Real money for your time, that sound fair to some extent but time is very very expensive these days you should increase the value of your customer’s time, in order to run campaign for a long period of time….. By the ways its good app.The app is amazing.You can earn money by performing tasks. Unfortunately,you have to download a lot of games to get credits and this takes lots of data and space, watching videos doesn’t give you lots of credit either.

Totally SCAM” this app asked to install one particular vpn and sign up for 3 day trial. But, when I installed the app and was trying to sign up, they were asking for payment cause when the 3 day trial ends it’s starting to deduct your money from your bank account.Wastage of time..ive tried for 7 months but the offers are useless…i never got the points from the offers…and afterwards daily login also stopped..

This is an awesome application , it provides a platform for easy earning of money . highly appreciate the efforts of developers. by using this application you can make online money buy doing simple and entertaining tasks. By performing easy informative and fun task , you get paid in the form of credits on successful completion of task. these points or credits can be easily cashout. You can now make money in your leisure time without doing any stressful or hectic job using this application.love it. Please don’t get swayed by 170k thousand reviews and so mamy five star ratings. App gives u $5 for 5000 credits. Now these 5000 credits u have to earn and that is too difficult. Why? Because watching a video gives u only 2 credits. And installing app can give u upto 20-50 credita and sometimes not even single credit even after installing and registering on app( i am waiting for 63 credits even after 48 hours even after submitting the proof by email). So please don’t waste ur time on it.i download first they give 50 credit then offering to watch add so plus 2 points after that they offer a bunch of app that you can get high reward but when i download they not giving any credit but i already complete the task given. but no credit point reward. So i think its wasting of space and your time, effort etc.

owesome apps to earn money, I just try it I dont know the next, is it realy pay or not, I hope it works as what I have seen to several project about survey from many marketweb that had paid me. unfortunely there are many games apps that I have to download and play it, and I dont know how to play it, beside my phone in such low memory for those games app, so I had difficulties to earn point with playing games. I hope there are many vodeos that I can watch to earn ppint couse it easy task for me


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