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In recent times, large numbers of immigrants or those arriving in Sweden from different countries have become more interested in learning Swedish.
Language has always been the primary and important outlet in entering societies and developing successful professional and scholastic relationships.
In our article, we offer you an app that works on your mobile phone and offers you and your family a lot of vocabulary to build enough language to listen to a clear and understandable talk with the country’s original Swedes.

Application Profile

A simple, easy-to-use program offers you many sentences in the context of your Swedish language education.
Well received by its users, you can learn more than 6,500 new words that can be used in 200 different activities, with 1250 words used in 61 live languages supported by the application.

Why did Fun Easy Learn choose to learn Swedish for beginners and for all levels

Given the competition between millions of apps, the user wonders why he chose for the other.
In fact, there are several reasons to choose our Swedish learning application:

  • The rich content that varies between sentences and vocabulary and themes that talk about different activities at a time.
  • The ability to learn Swedish rules through application, where verbs, adjectives and all the multiple uses of language are given, and how sentences are properly worded.
  • The programme supports all levels by offering you language-disaggregated lessons, and at every level that you pass, there are more specialized courses that are made more difficult from level to level.

What’s so special about Fun Earn?

This application competes through several characteristics and advantages, the most important of which are:

  • You can charge it without any fees due.
  • It’s rich in vocabulary sentences and terminology, where you can use it to learn a lot of the necessary conversations.
  • 11 fun games with which you can teach Swedish to your kids without boredom.
  • By winning points in games, you can advance at the level.
  • The language levels in this application are graded to four levels, one of which you can choose to suit.
  • 145 subjects and a new section on all language terms and you can use them in whatever area you want.
  • You can go back to any previous lesson you want to review.
  • The program does not necessarily require Internet connectivity.
  • The smart search feature saves you more time finding words and sentences you want to save or use.
  • You can learn Swedish with all your family, where you’re in the app, recording conversations with a human voice that’s fluent in Swedish.

Swedish Learning Program Download Link

By going into Google Play via the link we’re putting down.

61 universal languages that you can easily learn by taking down Learn, be ready for adventure.

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