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millions of downloads of app programs take place every day, hundreds of thousands of which are applications that are interested in language teaching and translation, as language learning and development are much more intense.
As a result of the past and in order to facilitate the teaching of German from Arab countries, we have chosen for you a wonderful application, which offers high-quality features in the field of language learning.
An app through which you can reap a lot of benefits, and improve your language skills best, especially with time constraints and increasing costs of language courses.
In our article, we will present the most important advantages of the application and the way it works to offer easy-to-save lessons that are simple and fun, as we offer in the last lines a direct download link.

What’s the German Articles Buster app?

A program that runs on all Android phones, which can help you learn German with support for many other languages, if you want to learn any.
It is based on the principle of teaching German in accordance with the plan to translate German articles and subjects, while fine – tuning their grammatical rules, and mastering their use in the sentences and phrases covered by these texts, which constitute a basic basis for those wishing to speak German.

6 of the most important advantages of application

  • The app offers more than 1,700 German-language names frequently.
  • The pronunciation and translation of these names are all in a professional German accent.
  • In order to advance in other levels of learning, the programme follows the replication of lessons up to the mastery stage.
  • Illustrations translated for over 69 German subjects and terms.
  • Five video clips give you the basics of learning German Arabic and vice versa according to an innovative methodology for learning to speak fluently.
  • A clever search feature, through which you can find words and names you’re looking for very efficiently and quickly, with suggestions made to you.

What’s the download link to the German language education app?

We offer a direct link below that puts you on the official page of Google Play’s popular and trusted store.
Press the link and fix it the usual way.

We hope you like our articles. We’re working for you.

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