inexphone Board Kings STATUS – VERIFYING Required actions: Download the game Achieve level 42 in the game! Get Rewarded. **New Users ONLY!! **Offer is Valid For 30 Days After Installation! Payout: 1,221 Credits Started: 36 minutes ago Expected waiting time: 14 days Pirate Kings™️ STATUS – VERIFYING Required actions: Download the game Finish Island 100 in the game! Get Rewarded. **New Users ONLY!! **Offer is Valid For 21 Days After Installation! Payout: 641 Credits Started: 20 minutes ago Expect. I can’t deactivate my plan, i am trying to press submit but it brings me to the share window, never mind, i found how to disable auto renew, your app is broken and can’t done. Crystal clear in both ways of networks, but but improve the speed,try to be far ahead of all petty inconsistent and unstable hungry calling Apps,you are not fired,like TRUMP jingles,rather a thumb up. There is a big issue and problem in recordings…i am unable to play inexphone and download call recordings. Some of the offers they make in exchange for extra credits is misleading. And when you try to claim missing credits from Dingtone, quite often their mailbox is full and it doesn’t look like Telos support will help. At the moment U can’t even check in daily.

Keeps coming up with inexphone “network error” message.Sent so many emails to the support team faced some issues about not receiving credits i bought from Google play store , still no response from the team .I thought this was a great app but they deduct credit from your paid account if you do not use your phone number each month. nice app for calls and texts, easy to use and save me much of money for local and international calls. really love it.This is crazy. Trying to fund or buy credit and it declining all my cards. Then it’s say technical error and my payment options begins to disappear so stressful to purchase credit. Telos App is continuously charging my Credit Card for a service I don’t use anymore for the last 2 months. I deactivated my account I tried to reach them on the Costumer Service but nobody gets back to me! Be careful. I invited my friend to join telos app via email. He clicked on that link embedded in email. He downloaded app and registered an account. But after all, i did not receive my free 20 credits.Telos is too good to be free but thanks for making it free so everyone can enjoy it, I’m enjoying the app but there’s a lot of missing credit from the app providers!On January 21st I have downloaded and installed this app. It asked for a credit card as a confirmation and gave me three days to cancel subscription. I did cancel subscription within one hour as call quality wasn’t good. However inexphone charged me 600 INR fraudulently. I ha e send probably 6 emails but no response.

Please stay away this is a fraudulent app.To get a number you’ve to get credits. They offer you buying credits or register yourself on pages and questionnaires etc etc… I did approx 6 of those, only 1 (!) paid those credits. For the others you have to file a complaint via email, which takes a few days and then you’ll get asked to make a screenshot of your questionnaire, and send other information. This all to save around 4 or 5 Euros and this again all to get an advertised FREE second number. The only page that worked as intended was TUI, where I received their credits after 17 minutes. They also offer Watch videos to get credits, that wasnt even opening: What I also recognized was the rising credit price for a phone number. When I checked first (I wanted an UK number), the price was 42 credits. Now when I check the price for a UK number is 100 credits… Yes… not working for me.
I will get myself a regular prepaid card from a discounter for 10 Euros, that will work for a year and all I have to do is change the sim card, thats overall time saving, nerve and money saving. And I once thought virtual stuff works faster, lol.After selecting a number s the free trial I was asked for payment info, which I provided, but after that no number was assigned. I tired selecting a number inexphone again with the free trial and now the app says I cannot activate the same plan again. Now I want to disable the free trial so I don’t get charged for something I cannot use, but I cannot find how to do that.I downloaded this app and bought credits simply to receive text messages (SMS).

This did not work, for any of the numbers I added. Fail! There was no problem receiving the same text to my physical cellular phone.Its really Convenient & Awesome with others. Just request to the authority, make the credits available without Bank Cards (Debit / Credit). I think, most convenient will be, purchase credits via “MOBILE DATA MB”.Honestly the best but why am I limited when it comes to free credits or carrying tasks to get credit, I love this app but y’all gone stop restricting me because it’s written get free credits but you can’t because there’s no app or videos or anything to make you get your credits. Its a great calling app I hav ever used, I am using it since 6 months ND I love it.. just one drawback is that in this app we cannot earn more than 2 free credit in a day.Have been using this for less than a month now, and so far has been performing as intended. Was able to retain US communications while in India and everytime the call was clear and reliable (ofcourse it has to do with the network as well).

Telos has been a predictable partner so far and i hope this service will continue to stay good (if not excel).Very fake app it wants you to pay even before you know whether it’s going to work. I advice you to use other inexphone apps such as Textnow that allows you to call for free and only buy when you’re sure or want to upgrade.

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