2nd line app give you temporary phone numbers, with varying expiration dates on your free account, so expect. the number to expire, as they want you to buy a premium account.

Customer service is also very hostile, with a holier than thou attitude. If you use this free app, expect to have to get new phone numbers constantly, no matter how often you use it. I strongly recommend you pay for the premium service of 2nd line app.


I am very happy with it, and the phone number does not change on renewal, as most other voips do. Works wonderfully awesomely amazingly good!. Best phone app out of the 15 or so I tried. You get the odd full screen ad, WHICH IS ANNOYING AS HELL (devs?)

but there are no ad timers, so you just close the ad with the x in the corner. I’ve Never had a dropped call and voice clarity is always excellently superbulous! No echos, no delays! I give two thumbs up and straight A’s.. Plus the name of the app is low key and not some dumb name like oomoo which I wud b embarassed to say outloud to someone. Actually a very handy app

Could do without the advertisements. It is easy to install and is ready for use immediately after choosing your number to use. No hassle no difficult settings easy to use. I recommend anyone needing a second line for whatever reason including privacy this is the app.This app was fine until I forgot my password. I’ve jumped through hoop after hoop with this company.

Password resetting simply doesn’t work for any email address. Emails are never sent. I’ve lost all my texts and now any account associated with my phone numbers with 2nd line. Don’t waste your time.


Excellent quality connection every time I use it. Even when WiFi signal isn’t the best it could be. Has never crashed and does not cause any conflict with other apps nor does it slow down the normal every day operations of the phone.
UPDATE: Ok so all of a sudden it wants me to sign into my account. Ok no problem but when I do it just takes me back to sign in! So changing from 5 stars down to 2 stars!!!

love this.
Have had the same # for almost 2 years. no problems, It’s a great app it’s easy to install, operate and use and you can change your numbers every two weeks with no hassle or bs caches and best of all it s free.Trying to make an international call, I purchased $5 worth of credit and after it processes my payment there’s a disclaimer stating it may take up to 48 hours for credit to be added to the app.


WOW WHAT A JOKE!!! UPDATE: 48 hours later and still hasn’t been credit to my account! This is absolutely theft. Excellent! A real phone number, with crystal clear call quality, and easy to deal with, very minimal ads! LOVE THIS APP.

I use 2nd line app regularly to make my tablet into a phone.Only thing i do not like is you take my number away if i dont use it constantly. Thiais my 2nd line not my primary. So no. I do not use it constantly. Ihad had my number for over a year a d had to change it when i moved and didnt use it on a regular basis.

Wish this hadnt had happened.The application 2nd line works fine so far but the credit I purchased for international calling did not show up in my account until 50 hours later. I would have given them a 5 stars if wasn’t for the delay and lack of support venue.I absolutely love this app. It’s so much better than Text Now. I’m like why did they wait so long to let you enjoy this app.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a texting app to download and try.Good app. Works good.. cant complain at all does as advertised. Never once had an issue with it.

I use it as a back up number but it works good as a permanent phone too.In previous versions, verification messages from google etc. were received to the phone numbers. But it is not working in updated versions. That’s totally sucks!!!Ever since I turned on voice fall back with the new update am unable to answer incoming phone.

it hase to turn off the voice fall back to receive but then the service is horrible and choppy.I need urgent help, my app just signed out and is not allowing me to sign back in. never unistalled amd reinstalled but still no luck. everyone use this app for everything please help. in this case you have been using this app for more than a year now.Great, even with ads, which aren’t annoying, it’s best thing I’ve done for my work. That way the “clients” I need contact with dont get MY cell #.

Love it. Earlier it used to work very fine…but from last 2 days I am trying to register after I enter the std code it says getting phone number and it fails all the time tried almost 10-20 std code.They Reassigned my chosen phone number. Yeah I didn’t use it much.

But it was for future use. And it’s on some referrals…I don’t get the point of taking the number away and giving it to someone else.It was working well at first until my phone powered off and it won’t let me login and keeps forcing me to reset my password when I know my password, it says error .

2nd line app works fairly well but has a few issues switching into it’s mode vs. what the phones mode standardly run under. Free version doesn’t have the visual voicemail mode.I’ve been using this app for 2 years already and i loved it! I am using it to communicste with leads and my boss from US. However just last week, it knocked me off from my account. When i tried to sign back in, it wouldnt let me. It asked me to verify my email and when i did,

i am just getting an “An Error Occured” message and there’s no way to proceed. I tried verifying my account several times in a day since last week, and issue is the same. Please help! I want to continue using this app.This app is wonderful. Almost everything is perfect and just like having regular communication on your phone.

The only way they could improve it is to allow more options for notifications for different people. Such as allowing you to have a different notification for each person. Great app and I would recommend it for anyone who needs communication!



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