Great app. I appreciate the added protection.I now surf the web at east, you can never have too much protection when on the internet, Gecko ,the best for me . I would and do recommend it too.

This app used to be great. But now on my Nokia 3.1 it doesn’t work and in the preparing page shows network error And I am sure of 3 items : 1_ I have stable fast wifi connection 2_ I disabled battery optimizing and battery saver 3_ I gave all permissions to app My phone is Nokia 3.1 and Android 9 Please fix it Thanks so much

This VPN is so good, and it’s free. Used it to download azur lane and it worked perfectly.;

this vpn is faster than the others .but it has a Problem .we cant set it to Auto start . and it disconnects automatic.please fix

I love Gecko vpn. It’s really a good app and it has worked for me. Thanks so much for developing this app.

The app connects fast and doesnt consume data a lot.Even in cases of bad internet connection ,am aable to work along with it

I think its a very good app light and easy to download it has helped us a lot because WhatsApp,twitter,Facebook are taxed and thus the whole country depends on vpns to access them .only telegram and BC intact and signal aren’t forbidden in Uganda.problem is to download it you have to use another VPN coz vpns are also been blocked from been installed. But thanks guys.

Very good app so far. Since the introduction of OTT tax in my country to access social media (Facebook, WhatsApp), this has been helpful to a greater extent. If only you could make this app as stronger as you’ve described how helpful it is,

What i really love about this app is it reduces lag when playing games like pubg fortnite mobile and other ❤

it works great but one problem, I have a glitch where whenever I press connect it says connection failed my internet is fine and everything else works

your app us totally worst every time when i connect it it is going to be disconnected it self could you kindly tell me that what’s the problem is ?

hey this app is cool it’s easy to use and actually working but true developers I want to see one thing please allow ads I know this is the source of your earning but please the rate of add your are showing is very much please low the amount and also don’t show add while connecting you can show add after that it’s not a problem thank you good nd’ do better.

This VPN is totally awesome..a 100% free,fast and unlimited.was able to accessed websites that are blocked in Mainlad China.Thank you so much to all the people behind this app.

Have had to switch VPNs many times. They all seem to be touch and go. Gecko VPN is refreshingly different so far. It’s consistently dependable. I keep waiting for the other rock to fall but this app is taking away my cynicism. I highly recommend it.download

it works appropriately when connected but for some period of time in like half an hour, GeckoVPN goes off in that have to restart it again where by i tend to be in the middle….. while surfing. it desturbs a bit but a part from that, man! the thing is so good that i can say/see. keep it up the #Administrators

I give five star for this app.. it’s really working for now I’m just observing for more days if this still working after several days.. but this vpn app is good i recommend to download this app.

Crashes most of the time.i tried to change the setting to to “always on connected” but dosent work.diaspointed.it used to work better.

It works and is fast enough (and most importantly it’s full free without any data limit) the only reason i rated it 4/5 is because it has a small amount of countries you can choose. But still it’s way better than many others good job ☺

Most bloggers failed to review and to include this great app to publish on the web they publish the underrated vpn apps instead to mislead people. I myself i used this and works great. I suggest everyone to use apps like turbo vpn, GeckoVpn, tornado etc.

it’s a good and nice Vpn..easy to use..it connected well but sometimes vpn suddently lost its connection..And it is not good specialy when you are in time of studying your lesson..as a student and a subcriber of your applicationpls.

I feel it’s too easy, which beggs the question: “Is it really doing Anything – serving any purpose? “. Also, the app kept closing out when using certain other apps – How secure is that?!?

It’s the best VPN ever downloaded.. And connects automatically to the strongest network. I have tried several others but this is the Best for sure. kudos to the developers

Its simple, first and precise It connects so fast 🏎 But its only problem is that its both power and data consuming

I like this VPN service very much. Although is not too fast because it is free. It’s always reliable when it comes to connection. I really love it. Keep it up guys. Especially when you are able to use it in China 🇨🇳

Works well for a free VPN, everytime I got trouble with express, I use it and it works perfectly. Too bad there’s no pc version and there’s no detail about privacy etc..

Why when connecting to uk, vpn is connected to another country that is not in countrys list. When I check the IP address location , I see it connected to another country, you are not safe. 😠😡

It worked well for just a few hours then stopped abruptly! thx for the reply .the issue was resolved and now it really gecko vpn. kudos to u guys. thx

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