By far the best, excellent, and works like a dream, although I do have a fast internet connection! Downloaded to see England v New Zealand in the rugby world cup, and saw the whole game without a problem. Will stick with the free version, as I use it so infrequently, but if I was to use it more, would certainly give the paid version a try – thank you very much.

i recently got a telling off from my isp (sky uk). i had been using this app at the time. i shall not be trusting gecko vpn with my data. i shall go with a payed service.

first its my favorite vpn but now its very disturbing i report this problem twice in email but no improving so whether fix this app or

SERIOUSLY! SO AMAZING! I Wasnt able to play “Mobile Legends Bang Bang” for a few months since the new updates!, and couldnt figure out how to load the game (other than using wifi) I did just about everything to play the game. Nothing seemed to work nor did I find anyone going through same issues, or that found a solution. Until the other day I type in google that my “Mobba” game wont load. And BOOM! a guy had recently uploaded a youtube video of the app resolving the issue.

This app IS a VPN. So I have ALWAYS been wanting this app for like 1 year now but it only works in Italy. So these are the steps to work it. 1. Download Hola. 2. Download an APK of the app you want. (These two instructions can be swapped if you like) 3. Once the app has downloaded, go on Hola and click the app you want to open. It’s supposed to work now.

Works slowly. If you try to listen to music through the app and surf the Web at the same time the music turns off. Also randomly turns off what I listen to after about 30-40 min

Absolutely recommended. The best VPN Ive ever had. Its simple, and works like magic. Now in 1 click I can change my freefire server. Thanks for this amazing free VPN. If my country supported online purchases, I would happily get the premium version even if it didnt give any special perks.

This app is actually good but i tried it on gaming i tested many servers from different countries but it seems to be not working, like in mobile legends i switched to ireland but still my enemies were Filipinos. I tried switching to SEA countries but the results are the same. I hope youll see this message and reply soon.

As good as i thought… thanks to the makers for this application, it’s helps a lot to me for opening blocked website by the government..(not the bad one only the good one)..

Very Awesome VPN app. You can just adjust your location for the particular app you wanted to. And for gamers this is the best vpn. I tried many vpn but couldn’t find the speed that this vpn provides. I can stream anytime without any difficulties. Thank you Hola free vpn.

This is definitely a different approach to a vpn that I see in most apps but its cool the speeds are nice its what I would suspect from a free service. It could be a little bit better with the settings but other then that its fine, definitely would recommend.

Best VPN I ever use. I used to install this app, no matter how many times I changed my device. And the ultimate feature is, adds free! Gonna give ten stars…

It is very useful application. That’s I want to many times. At last I find it. So I request you please use this app without any problem.download

I really love the features of this vpn app,there are almost every country’s vpn server.This is really helpful.And the net speed is also satisfying.We can’t expect highest speed using vpn,btw it’s serving speed is enough good for downloading large files.

really nice vpn and worth using. but always scar me by saying that everyone can watch you unless you don’t pay. some times it glich out by not connecting but you can fix it by just restarting the app.

I’m grateful! I haven’t seen a better proxy provider. And I have used a lot of these. You can browse from ANY country and do that with high speed. And it’s Free!!!

Its okay. But plz try to be better in the days to come. Mostly when it comes to uk, australia and newzealand and usa. Hola plz try better in free vpn also. Hope you will do this.

thankful Hola was not entirely difficult to integrate , for myself. And no hassles within or using it’s app.i noticed your hard work

it’s amazing App really working i don’t have words about this Super VPN App but i must say only one time try this. you dont need any other VPN App

the best vpn browser on play store. but why do you guys release update so often. like, i don’t see anything new on each update.

It works best just one bug i found the toggle button that turns on the VPN but it still shows on even when you turn off it from notification bar

after instaling i got serios issue on youtube and after uninstalling the issue was fixed…the problem was automatically pauses the video

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