im using Samsung J1 ace and i have been using FM whatsapp for a year and after the v8 it has been crashing to the point that it won’t even open,, sshowing message “unfortunately whatsapp stopped “,, i even tried reinstalling changing the package, and now im stuck with v7. 99 using old dates,

please help
I am facing a trouble while installing this application (FM WA).
The popup shows “There is a problem while parsing the package”
Please help me.Moi j’aimerais publié une vidéo de plus de 30s sur mon statut mais j’y arrive pas… pourquoi nous ne pouvons plus poster des vidéos entière
hello plz help me why my fmwhatsapp2 band 2 time its very usefull to me for bussiness use again no band wharlt can i do?When i try updating everytime…it removes me automatically from all the groups am on and its stressful updating in less than a month and looking for how to rejoin the groups i was on before…please help. This is a very good app but u guys need to change the name or something in order for people to continue using it. Because fm whatsapp is blocking the users of these apps. When I clear whatsapp data for consuming too much space on my phone in my app settings, and I re-open my account, I find to much disappointment, that all of my so-much-cherished stickers don’t show up again!!! It’s disheartening. Please do find a way to ensure that stickers are still intact and accessible instead of one starting to gather them from scratch all over again😭😭. Thank you!

A night/dark mode would be nice. The messenger works really well, it’s really stable, and you can backup your chats. However, I’ve put in a request or two years ago and there’s still no option for a night mode. People spend a lot of time on this app and even on the lowest brightness, it stil causes strain during the evening. I also find the shortcut buttons to be counter productive for me. If I could assign what shows up on the title bar after I long press, that be even better.

this latest update keeps getting stuck mid-backup for cloud backup, and local auto backup doesnt work properly so you have to actually open the app before it starts local backup. recently the notifications havent been working right for me as well – I’m not sure if it’s my phone’s problem or the app itself. I just keep getting the failure notifications “whatsapp may have new messages” and sometimes I dont even get notified when I have incoming texts. please fix this in the next update!
I occasionally delete chats that I won’t use often and when i did so today, I accidentally selected a very important, year long chat with 50 0000 messages. . . It wouldn’t let me cancel the deletion process. I force stopped fm WhatsApp, restarted my phone and updated to see if it would actually listen to my command, but it wouldn’t. Now I’ll have to take the long road to get to it all back. Ruined my evening.
The high priority notification interferes with most functions such as watching something on Youtube which just stops your video with the pop up window of the message. Opening the app takes too long and it was very convenient when the pop up stayed on the screen top (makes it easier to read and reply which needs to be brought back)

Whatsappn is great, all those who complain bout the app taking long to open, the app crashing etc. I believe their phones are the problem and not the application(Whatsapp) cause all my friends, relatives and I already had problems with whatsapp on our old cr*ppy phones(sorry for the language) but never had a problem with our recent phones. So yeah I believe its the phones that have problems and not the application itself. Good day and Thank you for all. Yours faithfully, BLC05T1NO Bongani Cossa.

Great app on my primary device, but tried to use on a second device using the same number (so chats would be in sync) – no luck. Almost a deal breaker, but fm WhatsApp Web works great (so far) on my chromebook. A little weird it requires a connection to the original device (phone) to sync messages, but not a major issue for me, at least not yet.

Firstly I see no Usp. Anything you do on it can be done on E mail. And a large part on normal SMS. One stupid thing is that it lacks the ability of standard texting to select which of a string you want to delete. So I cannot knock out older ones and leave just the more recent. Waste of memory space. Having installed the PCversion, I find I have to have the phone with me to get logged in. How daft.

I can’t get all my conversations to synchronized on one device using the account phone number. I tried. There’s too many other messengers that work fluidly. Tech support could not answer my question. I needed a response quickly because I’m running a business and they took days to get back to me. So, it doesn’t work for those who need a synced record of communication and tech support is subpar. It’s especially terrible if you’re switching from Apple to Android or vice versa.

As of lately, anytime I want to take things from off my status, it either goes on for a few seconds and then just come off back by itself and I haven’t done anything that would have likely have caused this issue so I hope you fix it, if it cannot be fixed then that means that it was my phone not working properly, overall, before this issue, it was a great app.

I have been using it in Asia for years before it was bought by FB. Easily one of the best messaging apps out there. Some limitations: Web messenger: 1. Can’t do VC (Video Calls) as far as I know. 2. Cannot add new contacts. You need to add them first on your phone and then sync to be able to send. Android:: 1. Syncing contacts not that automatic when you add new ones. 2. Can’t leave an annoying group without notifying the entire group. THIS IS HUGE issue. 3. This mean that MUTING becomes redundant. I mute annoying group and their messages still appear. THIS IS HUGE issue. 4. QR scan code would be nice to add contacts.
12/8/2019 I have to give it a for 2 stars now. The fm whatsapp app is connecting but there is no voice. Everything else is except for voice. I will bring it back to a when the voice data works. There is no voice when you make a phone call it makes the connect but no voice. I can’t talk or hear anybody. I can only text. What’s going on whatsup?

I am using fm whatsapp app for the past 4 years and I haven’t faced any issues until I found that I am unable to send any file , photos or videos to any other person. Tried n number of times uninstalling the app / restarting my phone but the issue still persists. With phone like OnePlus 7 I guess the issue wouldn’t be there in the first place. Hope this issue will be fixed asap.While sending images, don’t automatically reduce the size of images, ask first. When I send images, they get blurred. Second thing is provide an default contact or folder so that we can save stuff into it, by forwarding/moving any important mesg into it. Currently if someone blocks us we start using their contact as folder. But seeing the name of that person, who blocked us, is annoying.


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