Internet Speed Meter Lite


I’ve been using this app for years and I’ve installed it on some of my friends and family phones because I like to see how much data is used. You don’t have to pay for the pro version there’s no ads at all. You can run an up and down version of it in the menu bar of your phone to see how much data is being used live. I highly recommend this app if you’re interested download for sure you’d be happy with it. There is something wrong with the app on my phone , i am using a motorola one . Sometimes i leave my internet on and lock my phone and go , when i come back it show my data uses are like 6gb ,12gb and all but its not possible because i know my phone hardly used any internet while i was gone , not to mention i have only like 1.5gb of data per day , do something about it.

Very useful app. But today… I noticed a problem. Today I am firstly on my mobile data at 7pm. But this app’s notification bar saw that I used wifi 14 MB. Not just today last 2 month I am not on/open my wifi, hotspot. For me thats funny but not a good news.. All over thanks to the app. I mustly give 5 stars but today…. Thats problem…..!I think, I found the problem of this software in displaying a non responsible download bandwidth. The problem is in the units. The application shows the amount in MB (byte) which is not actual because they should be in Mb (bit). To correct it, they should divide by 8. Example , if the application shows for example 168MB wifi download this means it is only 21MB and if it is 8GB then it is actually 1GB and so on.For last 1 year app running excellent, but now days notification didn’t showing speed. Only 0 kbps appears on top of the screen. When i open app application reset and start showing speed and after some time it again shows 0 kbps. Internet is running fast. I don’t know what is problem going on. I have done lots of reinstall and update but problem remains same. I am using Nokia 6 (2017) model.

[NEW UPDATE] I like this app a lot but it is completely out of date. The last update was in 2016 and is currently 2019 going on to 2020. So in my honest opinion the only reason why someone in my opinion would buy this app is it they like it but most people won’t because they like to see The Devs show some concern about their product and update their app.its keep popping in status bar now and then, rather than consistent appearance. and the major flaw is inaccurate data statistics … for example, i have 1.5Gb daily data plan for which it shows 4 to 5 gb of data consumed with in 2 to 3 hours?? in just 3 days of installation its showing 18.5 gb of data consumption ? i tried installing and uninstalling it twice …but ended up with near same results. Disappointed.

Why haven’t you guys updated this app since 2016, Data readings are not accurate on my device Samsung Galaxy M30s, always showing more. Fix this problem.. Today I have used 1.5 GB only & it is showing 7.54 GB. My plan has 1.5 GB per day limit. Same is happening everyday.

Daily data statistics gone crazy on android 8. I was using this app to track my daily usage for years in previous versions of android but lately it cant keep my daily usage statistic right! Probably some kind of permission issue of app. I tried another app and it works fine and it asked usage access permission, just saying, maybe this is the problem dev!
Not accurate. But better then other apps… good. Keep it up… plz one thing plz add in the app and its that plz increase its accuracy… downloading speed in any app is way beyond then the speed of your app showing in the notification…. work on it a little bit more….Useful and amazing APP. I have ONE SUGGESTION. Today any speed below 1KB per second is as good as zero. Hence it would be nicer to describe speed in Mbps or KBps units instead of bits per seconds.
It work well but I still have to investigate if this is this app or an other one (I installed couples apps at the same time) that began my phone to have issues with my internet connection.It’s showing right speed but total mobile data used showing wrong sometimes higher than my per day internet quota. This problem is happening continuously. No improvements I’ve seen throughout this month. It should be fixed early.

I will like to suggest others that this app is fantastic. But after usage of one month it shows wrong consumption. I have used today only 400 mb but it shown 2.5gb so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Then it works smoothly.The usage stats are not proper. Usually I have a data pack of 1.5 gb per day but it shows sometimes 15 GB data used some day someday 5 gb it’s just morning now. And it’s showing 2.5 gb data used already.

It was good before, but after I updated to Android 9 the data consumed is are wrong. It shows that I consumed around 5GB data when I’m sure I didn’t consume more than 1 GB of data. Please fix the issue & I’ll rate 5 stars again.
It shows the accurate internet speed but never shows the accurate consumption, the total limited internet pack is 1.5 gb but whenever i open my mobile data, few seconds after it shows 3gb, just after few times its getting bigger and bigger, like 11gb/day.

In my case the app shows correct internet speed… but it shows 5GB/6GB/10GB total data consumption in one day which is totally wrong bcz I get only 1.5 GB high speed data per day… developers plz take this bug seriously and do the needful form your side… Hope u fix it soon.
This is true , this app is very useful for control your internet speed. Nothings happened with my phone but i am staying for up date app . If you up date it is more convenient for us … thank you for read my review … after up date i will mark as a good app.


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