Alright, I’ll put this review as a summary for all of the apps of this series of big time apk. Note that I’ve downloaded ALL of them, and if this doesn’t pay out properly, I’m going to take the time to give 1 star for all of them. Anyway. Since I haven’t gotten enough to cash out, I’m going to use this space as suggestions for more games they can steal. [Falling/sliding block game] [Fill game] [2248 game] [spider Solitaire] [more to be added


I keep getting “server not available” every time I want to convert 10000 points to 10 cents. Also get that message when I try to deposit into the bank. Funny that the server is always available when I withdraw from the bank.


I have been playing these games for a few weeks now one game I played and played until I got $40 which was the minimum amount before you could request a refund of the money and i did this 3 times but every time i did it the money counter would go back to $37, i also won the draw on oct 22 of $2615 and i havent heard from no one concerning my winning, also when you start big time apk to get close to the minimum about you can with with draw your winnings the amount of money for the winnings goes to $0.3


Always server not available when trying to convert 10k tickets to 10cents. Also lost 15k tickets just because of server failure. Played for 6 months only won 1$ in a draw. When trying to play their other games for 5k tickets I never receive the reward.

Waste of time by playing these games in these app. They only showing dollors but they are earning from advertisements. Useless games app. Please do not down load them. These are fake games app. They are engaging us and earning dollars from advertisement


i cashed out my $10 which was not successful i tried to contact with the developer via email but they didn’t respond they also logged me out and when i tried to log in again it says that there records doesn’t match i tried to change my password but that doesnt work too, too much inconvenience caused by this app download
The games are annoying and you don’t really win money at all I played for two weeks I only got $1 and I can’t even cash it out until I get to 10 so the only way you can actually win money is if you get randomly picked for their draw waste of time

Good game, you can Enter C0de “7BU3J” I love this game since this game got my family playing together aiming for the jackpot prize. I havent won anything but hopefuly soon i will to help me finance my job finding. This game big time apk pays. i have recommended it to many of my friends. addicting and you can always switch to a new game once you got bored of one game, thank you

Not sure on how to play game freezes alot and goes to a black screen. Have had to restart it. Maybe once I figure how to play or it stops frezzing I could give a better review

I earn 10000 tickets but its automatically going less.. and now its showing 9400 .its happen again and again…..

earn daily 5000pkr


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