how to complete youtube watchtime with reddit?


When it’s working, the app is generally quite great. Most of the time however, it repeatedly crashes or freezes and the app has to close within 10 minutes of use. I’ve reinstalled the app tens of times. Also, the app has an annoying feature when scrolling through. The app will sometimes ‘refresh’ and take you right back to the top and you have to start back over. This is really annoying when searching for specific posts as you lose where you had found them.

Absolutely LOVE reddit. I only use it for memes but it is AMAZING. Really easy to use and is laid out really well. One thing that could be changed. You can only use the dark theme when you are using power saving mode. If it could be just an option in the settings it would be even more perfect. That is just a minor detail though. Amazing job coverting it to an app.Multiple instances now where a bug I didn’t have, and is described as “fixed” in an update, actually GIVES me the bug once I update! Most recent is swipe down to refresh a post isn’t working. Hasn’t been fixed in latest update which was a month ago. Dozens of posts about this issue. Many people recommend 3rd party apps, & while their features sound much better, I don’t want to give a 3rd party my sign in info. But Reddit devs are making it VERY hard not to give in.

After I updated to the latest version it hardly ever works anymore. If I load the app up, it will load forever unless I close it out, stop it from running, then reopen it. If I’m on the app itself and my phone goes off for a second, the app will stop working and I’d have to close out the app, stop it from running again, then reopen it again. It worked flawlessly before the update.Overall, pretty good app. Runs smoothly most of the time. Layouts are pretty good. Sometimes when I open a youtube link, there’s no option to open it in the YouTube app, which can prove to be frustrating when I have to log in to my account to like, subscribe, or comment on a video. Sometimes when I open a post to view the comments and attempt to hide a comment, it doesn’t hide until I scroll down (where it then “glitches” and finally hides the comment).

Great App! The overlay is clean, there are loads of communities you can join and the people there are (mostly) really nice! The karma – system is a bit confusing in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it eventually. Overall, it’s a great place to communicate with people, post your favourite pictures in specific subreddits and even look up the news. I would totally recommend it.I absolutely love it! this is gonna be perfect for you if you’re the kind who loves to share and listen to ideas from people all over the world who are into the same things as you. you can a have feed based on topics and people you are interested in, speak in rooms about it and stuff. I think this is a cool app, that most people never knew they needed till they got on it. Good thinking to the people who came up with it! 🙂 👍🏼 Oh and also, for the most part, its spam free which is really nice.

It’s a great app, only issue is that my home page won’t fully load. I’ll get a good handful of posts but then it has issues loading more and my only option is to refresh and hope it doesn’t happen again. Other than that, great layout and all that. Better than the web version imo.

Honestly, Reddit is amazing in terms of layout and features, but I think it needs a couple of improvements. The first being an undo button so that way when I accidentally hit the home button while scrolling and it goes back to the top, I dont have to waste time scrolling back down. Another would be custom upvotes in dark theme (I use the AMOLED). Probably some more features, but those two are my most wanted.

Every time I open your application recently I receive ads before I even get any information. What usually does pop up is a message saying they are sorry that they are having trouble reaching Reddit. Sure. Take your mediocre app that adds its own mark to every picture saved through it, and go right to hell. Your product has not only declined in overall performance, but it just stinks of greed and the signs of a toppling empire can be seen. Enjoy your reign being the front page of the internet.I would like to see more granular control over notifications. I get notifications such as subs I would be interested in joining, or that a particular comment of mine got 5 likes, but they all belong to the same category in the notifications settings in Android 10. If different types of notifications can be split into different categories I can pick which ones I want to see and which ones I think are redundant.

Vids or gifs are saved on 144p quality. Infuriating. Every time I reach the bottom and tap on View All Comments, I’m taken to the top again which is annoying. Also, if I get a reply and I view it, whatever I was browsing before is lost. It should remember where I was and take me back there when I close the reply that I was watching from the notification. And, the 3 dot buttons look too small on my 5 inch screen.The app consistently has episodes of not being able to access Reddit. You try to refresh, but it just keeps erroring out. It usually resolves after an indeterminate amount of time. Any given episode isn’t too bad, but the fact that it happens over and over really hurts the user experience. I can’t believe this is the official app and this problem has existed as long as I’ve used it. Keeping at 2 stars until I can download videos that aren’t trash quality again.

I love this app but what makes this app irritating is that the bots on the subreddit I’m on keep removing my posts because of “similar content” from a month ago. What’s ridiculous is that I go to the link of where it shows me the post and it is not similar at all besides the picture. I mean, a lot of people post the same picture but there content doesn’t get removed. Why mine? Three of my posts have beem removed for no reason and not one moderator has approved of the posts. I need some answers.


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