A voice book to learn German and a lot of languages around the world.

Application German language

With the opening of borders between States and the migration of many people from their home States to new countries, it was necessary to learn the basic dialects spoken by indigenous peoples, in order to facilitate communication, remove barriers and create a link of understanding.
Many families and young people in the past have taken refuge in the German state where German learning needed to be perfected to build more successful relationships with the population.
In this article, we will give you an explanation of a special application that offers you the benefit and pleasure of the features it enjoys, as well as a download link through which you can review this software and make use of it.

What’s Beelinguapp?

comprehensive audio book, with a superior educational mission in terms of the style and the way it makes available to its users.
By reading interesting novels and stories translated into the language you want to learn, passion and language learning can be increased easily and quickly, and it also gives you the opportunity to speak the original language of the country in which you live or visit by using the most common sentences and terms.

Competing characteristics in German learning application

Applications and software competed among themselves to introduce more competitive features into their design, to attract users to download them, including:

  • It’s totally free.
  • The simplicity of the design led to ease of use, understanding and optimization of its contents.
  • An innovative way of learning German and other languages was one of the first to come up with it, a method of voice learning by listening to stories and novels.
  • You can listen to all your favorite books in any language by listing them in your mother tongue and in the second language you want to learn.
  • Through app settings you can see the progress of your educational level in understanding and saving vocabulary.
  • The application departs entirely from the traditional method of instruction via training cards or literal preservation mechanism for word meanings.
  • The app uses a cartoon – style soundbook reader as a karaoke.
  • You can determine your level of language, choose the stories that are right for you, and step in the selection of books depending on the evolution of your language skills.
  • The possibility of listening to your favorite audio books anywhere you’ve been and thus making use of your entire time to learn and master German.

Download Application

After the application was evaluated by its users at 4.7, its fixtures were 1000000, and its validity and usefulness were confirmed.
We will offer you a download link, and then you will have to log in and complete your account data, so that you can use the software and enjoy a unique experience of learning more than 9 languages, including French, Arabic, German and Italian.
Application Download Link

Download the app, get your audio book, learn a lot of German vocabulary.

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