Transboard is the best application for German translation

German translate application

The recent increase in the number of immigrants in Western States, including Germany, has made language learning essential and essential for every resident.
Today we offer you a special app that you can use in case you want to translate any phrase or text, or to learn German and increase your proficiency.
We’ll talk at the beginning of the article about the app in general and what it offers, and then we’ll move on to talking about its features, and we’ll set up a direct download link to the app.

How to translate with Transboard

A comprehensive application through which a text or sentence can be translated directly.
The idea of application is based on the possibility of speaking and translating in any language you want through this keyboard, where you are singing about using any other program, so that you can create your conversations on any social communication, without having to copy and paste, and also offer a range of expressions and emoshins that you can simply use.

Advantages of applying keyboard translation

Many of the features you get through your app load include:

  • It’s easy to translate any saying or chat talk so instantly, just press the translation button.
  • There’s a feature to decorate and decorate whatever word you want, just configure the program settings.
  • 10000 decorations available in the app you can use all of them and switch between them.
  • It can also be deleted or cancelled in case you want to.
  • You can save thousands of translations and texts that you’ve translated, through a preservation icon.
  • The ability to activate keyboard sounds and reduce or adjust them only to vibration rhythms.
  • You can change the background of the application and choose what you like from whatever picture you downloaded earlier.
  • If you like a particular color of color, you can assign it from the settings menu and change the color of writing characters and words.
  • Support screen suggestions for writing sentences and instant words.
  • Through this application, all languages, including German, can be translated.
  • The vocal input feature, through which you can translate words through their pronunciation.
  • Change font size settings and characters to suit your desire.
  • Support for English erudite writing, any English words in Arabic, which is useful in the learning process in case you want to learn German or any other language.
  • Great thighs and smiles add a touch of fun to the conversation, which can be used in the program.
  • Many of the languages that can be used in the application, all the settings you have to play, are the most important languages supported in the application, English, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish and Swedish, and more.

Program Download Link

We offer you a upload link through the Google Play store, just enough to press the link below, and then install and enjoy translating your favorite language, and talking it to strengthen it and learn it literally.

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