Its great app its my first time i use but there is no adds in here where did u get the money to pay us we spin my suggestion if people want more spin it must to view the adds i think it will be greatest app in the world.

The best scam ever please if yu have data to waste on this garbage then go ahead. Total rubbish dont waste your time downloading this trash. All spin of the previous day are reset to *0* coupled with the thousands of add you see each sec upon opening the app. Butom line this piece of sheat can never pay u a dime for the revenue you generate the developer seeing ads. I wonder why i have to even give one star when in real sense its worthless like an unrecyclable. Bad app there is not showing options to withdraw money I’m not even wish to give single Star also. But without start this won’t allow further.This is just waste of time. It just gives 10 spins per day, that is okay. But next when you go for another 10 spins, your collected turns into 0 Now tell me then how can you earn money from this? This is just a scam & this is totally fraud aap. Uninstalled this aap.please dont download this app.. totally waste.. wont get money. 24 hours completed.. no new spins coming.. when you install for the first time then 10 spins are there. then spins are not updating. This game doesn’t make sense, minimum withdrawal 15000coins is mission impossible even if you score 1000coins in a row with only 10 spins in a day.Worst app 😡😡😡😡😡…. Fully wasted of time… One day spin collect coins automatically disappeared on next day. I hate this app. I love this game Fire i want some money Then I install that game and start to Earn best game ever 💯.

What hapoen for the fast week i earn 100+ but everytime i open it for everyday spin my points no linger available only the points i play is this a joke You make people idiot!Very useless app. next day sbi coins gayab ho jatey hain. dont download. I don’t like it because I win some point yesterday but this point didn’t show today. Why❓it is good for because I it help full it creates a joy i love love it love it love it so much for thenks. The beautiful spin to earn app and so beautiful interface and so nice i used the app it’s very easily work. Spin to earn this is best app it is fantastically worked app amazing I like it. Dont use this app, this is the best worst and bad app in this world, guys dont use it. This game is veryyyyyy nice .I like this game soooooooo much more than other games. Its a good geam but i dont now it wark my etiopia i like it its 5 star. Very poor service don’t think if i will recommend it to a person itd like one is wasting his time. I’m so happy for you to know that I was just wondering in and get some rest and sleep well tonight my friend request me play with this game it was good. I wanted to withdraw the coin i earned telling me insifficient what is the problem. This is fraud I earn nothin, I just waste my time,my data to download and my energy 😏😏😏😏😏. Wishing to earn real money according to my desire… I will rate it five star after earning Thank you.
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