This app has p***** me off. This is supposed to be fun while making money right?It is. When the games say play at least 3 minutes and you get 45coins then that’s what you get. WRONG! I am only getting 25 coins and that was playing for 7 minutes!! There’s no number to call or anything like that. Writing this is the only way to possibly get thru to someone about the issue. So somebody please:back to me on this.
Great app. Play while you get payed..who can ask for anymore then that …you should try this app ..you will like it !!!! Try it come on ..do it ..i’m loving this game more an more all the time .you should really try it out ..i been playing this game for this long now an still love .lots of games to play just pick make money then pick anotherone..great game to play..Can’t leave less than 1 star. This app sucks! Have the hardest time just getting the thing to connect. Doesn’t pay out the amount of coins the way it makes it seem. And forget trying to “exchange” your coins for a ticket at a “chance” to win the PayPal amount! Such a waste of time.
They attended to me when I got Some problems with my app. This is the best app I’ve ever used. I personally recommend this app for you all, thanks! And also thanks to the creators of this app,keep up the good work.

ADs block answer icons on the quizzes.. And, honestly, the Harry Potter quizzes answers are ALL WRONG! Seems this app is only good for drawing suckers like myself in, so you guys can make some money. Developers like y’all are trash; We need publishers that don’t monetize literally EVERY SINGLE APP on their market. This app is dead anyways; Sorry for the harshness; I just gave an honest review.
Just an app with the most terrible payout options among all earn-while-playing games. There is NO GUARANTEE that your payout will be successful aince they have this untrusted TICKET RAFFLE as a payout option, without knowing if those other tickets in the raffle are from REAL PLAYERS or BOTS.

It is a good game;
but ads keep appearing every time u gotta fix this problem cause it is very annoying that is why i rated it three stars and i dont think it gives real cash except coins.
In the game was showing you play 3 minutes you will get 45 coins but that’s not true when I was play game 6 minutes you give me only 15 or 21 coins. Why? And so much adds I am going to uninstall this game. This application is so wonderful and really enjoyable. I really enjoyed every minute of playing this game here. I rate this application as an excellent one here.  I’m being curios if the money points I get can be transferred in my gcash account because I don’t have PayPal account. Thank you and by the this is an awesome app. I just download it in just a 15 minute.
ust installed it and an ad welcomes me after 5 sec. Then went reading the game rules and ads again..like can there b some areas where ads does not pops out, atleast….. went to games after exiting the game and choosing another game it returned to the previous game i played.

After some times of consuming my data the application doesn’t open again and you are sending me messages to claim my coins, how can i claim it when the application is not responding again? and i don’t have a network problem. so better improve your application. It is a very slow procedure game. It only increases your excitement to win money but gives nothing. The only good thing of this app is great variety of games to play but that is also sometimes boring. This app is just a game and not cashing game. So avoid installing it to earn cash.
It’s gud app for entertainment. But one fault in app if members collect the point for redeem and withdraw. After you gave money in few minutes. But you take long time for lucky draw options. Its not gud..improve your app like that MPL winzogold loco that app take just few minutes and gave your withdraw money.

Was really excited to use this app.Just started a couple of days ago and played a cool game ,everything went well but now I don’t get credit for playing games now. Keeps saying I left early when I played the last one for over 10 mins.


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