PTA Mobile Verification


Pta Device Verification is a good app for verify any mobile device. This is good effort to stop smuggled phones and phones with fake identity used in terrorism. All phones should come through proper channel. Uts a bug that first time app gives connection error hit check button again and it will show the result. People saying such systems are nit in euripe or anywhere else because smuggling is very very less in such states. Whereas in Pakistan its on top yet . In my opinion Good Effort.

If you are getting errors about network then kindly allow this app in start to access camera and else then put your IMEI to know. This is good effort by PTA ! It will detech all phones automatically and the only the stolen and non registered IMEI’s will be blocked, whether they are poor’s or whatsoever. Kindly support and assist the good will. REGARDS
Good initiative but useless and pathetic service to register your device. I entered the details for free registration of my cell phone but all I got was some Rs. 36,000 notification to register my device. I mean seriously? They are just using this service to loot people. Registered complain but, as expected, no response yet.

I have been trying to use this app for six months so that I can if my phone will work in Pakistan but it never once worked. Not one of the most, but the most useless app of the entire google play store. Beleive me when I say that I do not have the words to do justice with how much this app sucks. There are not enough bad words in the entire dictionaries of all the languages of this world that can accurately capture how big of a garbage this app is. Screen overlay is active at different timings in a day. Plus is using camera although app is not in you. Suspicious activities by the app.

Devices are being verified so as to generate Revenue from Us. If anybody is holder of an imported smartphone they can use pta mobile verification, it’s necessary for them to use all or at least one of their registered Sim to get it verified. And this way they can collect a handsome amount of revenue from imported smartphone holders. In other words, we can call it robbery at the hand of our own Government.

Asalaykum as per my point of view it should be more simple instead of complication like when we input the IMIE then if it is clear from PTA then should be show device clear instead of device complain so make it simple and easy Lastly for all user of this is the clarity for mostly asked question. Compliant IMEI: It is both GSMA approved and PTA approved IMEI number.


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