More hoop-jumping you can’t find outside a circus. And so many vpn apps out there that do what this one does totally free; no ads to read, no videos to watch, forever.

I experienced dozens of vpns. I never found a one better than this one. It is fantastic, amazing, powerful, fast, and wonderful. I liked it. I recommended it to many of my friends. It is vacant of problems or troubles. It is responsive and friendly of use. Thanks to who designed it. I am very happy and comfortable of using it. I never use any other one other than this extraordinary one.

I have probably tried 4 to 6 FREE (key word) VPN apps in the last 2 weeks. This one is different from the others I have tried. It still has adds, but not nearly as many. You gotta watch the adds to activate the free part. But it’s free, what do you expect?

I love the speed and the usefulness of this app, but every now and again I will have problems from it, like the app logging and it kicks me off the server I’m using but other the that this app is perfect.download

There’s no option for canceling the auto subscription renewal, how i can cancel it? And no one is answering the emails!!!

Reconnect, reconnect, reconnect. Always reconnect. I hate to tell this really! Why is this happened? 2 Stars are fair enough!!! No more!!!

Pro photographer completely satissfied ofyour high values in getting to the aim of best services in a skillfull easiness

Its such an amazing app i love it cause im allowed to use social media that my school wifi blocks but this unblocks it who ever made this thank you

it works besides for it keeps telling me that its asleep. wich is stupid. im trying to get something done and i cant because this app is always telling me that a sever is asleep or it its self is asleep.

Always say the server is sleepy now.try again later stupid vpn waste of my time don’t download it
Omfg finally a free working vpn.(insert angels singing sound effect) thats all i wanted, so thats an instant five stars in my book.
Thanks again for all of your office to get a few pictures to show you the place and the girls and to be honest with you guys and to be honest and to be able to be honest and to be in your arms right place at the kids are doing great day today for a while but I’m going to be honest with me but I don’t think and again and again I’m sorry about your dad and to the money I would be interested and would like it didn’t come to the park to be a good fit for the position I applied and again I apologise I
 server are sleeping? idiots servers are not made of flesh that needs to sleep
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