go to learning German and a lot of languages with Tandem.

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Through search engines, inspections of suitable applications that can help those who want to learn languages have increased.
People want to learn more languages and develop their ability to use vocabulary as local people do.
In Germany, migrants residing in Germany needed to learn their mother tongue. Fluent knowledge of German was one of the conditions for those wishing to take refuge or study.
Today’s app is chosen by many where it has competing features that put it in the top ranks of the Best Application Classification Regulations.

Why do you choose Tandem to study and learn German?

In order to choose only one application to increase my language skills, it must have features and features that make it the best of the competing application group.
It can be said that the app offers many advantages that make it a favorite user.

  • It adds a unique method to the learning process by which you can talk to local people and increase your experience of memorizing words by saying them professionally.
  • Through the interpretation feature of any text or message that reaches you, you can master how to express your thoughts very easily.
  • It opens up opportunities for you to get to know new friends, who are perfect for you and fit your understanding of language, where they can be used and shared experiences.
  • A big forum for millions of members, making you in constant communication and growing knowledge day after day.
  • The possibility of starting video audio conversations with your private partner you chose from the forum.
  • The advantage of commenting and texting, the discussion of rules and how to pronounce German.
  • Choosing a personal method of learning, far from bored, routine, rigorous lessons and corsets.
  • Undertake a tandem process of sharing cultures and experiences, by establishing a relationship between you and Tandem’s partner, within the framework of cultural exchange.
  • Over three hundred languages you can master, learn and enjoy the unique experience of languages supported by the Spanish, French, Italian, English and of course German applications.
  • 12 sign languages that the application gives you the opportunity to recognize and learn, including German.

How to learn German with Tandem?

You can start the learning journey through the following steps:

  • After the application is downloaded, choose the language you want to learn
  • Record your data and information required to select the perfect partner for you, who is in line with you at the level and goals.
  • Look for native speakers in the language you chose.
  • Try sending your first message, and participate in the Forum community, to get targeted topics and participate in the cultural exchange process.

How to download the program?

  • By pressing the link down, doing the usual fixation.
  • 5000000 fixtures made by users, and a good rating exceeded 4.8.
  • There are no ads in the app.
  • You can review the syntax maps to find your partner, or identify your address in order to identify partners near you.

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