Been using it since it was launched. Best VPN, period. And yes, there was an issue in December, but it’s been fixed. Occasionally there will be technical issues with any computer. It happens. But don’t drop your rating down over a hiccup. Great job and Thank You developers for providing us with the best, and 100% FREE, VPN service!!!

So I’m testing the app for mobile and it’s good. No issues and easy to use just like the version for Windows. I recommend getting this app. Edit: the app as of december 2019 has not been functional. It doesn’t seem to want to connect and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application but that didn’t work, other users are reporting the same issue so tell this issue is fixed my review is going down from 5 to 1 star. I believe the update that happened on the 11th is the source.

UI is pretty decent. Easy to use & know what’s happening. However, strangles speed substantially. Hovers around 500kb/s whereby I get over 2mb/s on same download without! Why?? Edit: as far as I can see, this does absolutely nothing other than strangle your connection and push adverts! Tried watching YouTube videos blocked in my country. Every other country I tried, they were still blocked & same blocked message appears. This is contrary to how a VPN works ergo, its doesn’t work

I used it for a year, and it was great easy to connect and fast. But recently the app can’t connect anymore or it take too long to connect and it’s very slow. Not to mention the ads are more then before they will pop up even after you close the app. Time to look for a new app unless they fix the connection issue

It’s a great vpn but I can’t recommend it due to the ads. I’ll be in the middle of something and it’ll kick me out of it and pop up with a stupid anime ad and it gets annoying. I understand they have to make money but an add at the start isn’t bad but 10 in like 5 minutes is excessive. If they can fix this I’ll gladly go back but it’s just too annoying at this point. One popped up while even making this review.

Been using this for over a year, it’s bad but still decent. It’s amount of bugs are unruly, it randomly never works or connects, it will crash in the middle of any assignments or games I’m in the middle of, I constantly (every use) have to use that “boost connection” or “speed up data” BS. it will purposely make the app itself slower, my expensive reception DOESN’T just die out.. the team behind the app is negligent of the actual errors that occur in the app, they just wanna make money on ads.

It’s good app and deserve more than 3 star but! It’s over 5 hours I’m trying to connect using mobile data but finally just gave up. App already has 3 problem. Fix problem with connecting mobile data (sometimes never connect or connect and disconnect soon). Fix hard connecting to wifi, always take long time to connect wifi. And fix problem with Twitter, when it’s connected with mobile data, work for all apps but doesn’t work for Twitter. I will come back to correction my rate after problems fixed

Easy and fast. Use this I highly recommend this absolutely free VPN with lot of servers in developed countries but to my mind I don’t know if our data is safe. It has some extra features to tune up the system. This VPN is available for free for widows in the windows store. However I have a 100 Mbps connection , I checked the bandwidth before connecting it was 48 Mbps , I was on Wi Fi laptop, after using touch VPN I was getting only 6 Mbps . This VPN is for running on high bandwidths only

App is good and easy to use, sometimes buggy like take longer time to connect or don’t connect at all, 3 star because of ads, ads appears even when not using the app to connect to vpn service(only if you used it previously in same boot cycle), have to force stop the app to stop ads which appears randomly like first thing after unlocking your phone and every time you open or close an app which use internet connectivity(almost every app in today’s date)

I used to think that my phone was acting weird because my antivirus wouldn’t fix the slowness of my phone. If you use BitTorrent programs on your phone, you need this. No more restarting my phone and still pissed off. My phone is back to normal now and I thank you for this free program.

I’ve used this app for just a few days and it’s been so good. Check boxes : nice and simple UI, comparably fast and stable connections. I’ll return after 3months for review of this rating so guys keep it up.

Before I couldn’t access any american website stores while living abroad in Europe. Every since good friend of mine introduced me to Touch VPN . I was able to gain my shopping experience back again. Thx Touch VPN. I recommend this app for anyone living abroad.download

It is really nice and easy to use and unlike other VPNs it has no limit. You can also make it run faster. Only problem was it does still slow down the speed of my internet.

Tired of facing Ads after downloading this VPN!!? Solution is ↓here… Nowadays Ads come automatically even wen not connecting VPN. Wenevr to open other apps n voilà there is an ad. So what I just did to stop ads. U guys can also do that. • Go to mobile setting↓ • security↓ • apps with usage access↓ • touch vpn →( open it with a tap and OFF the permit usage access button) So now, whenever VPN has to be used just follow the same process n click “touch vpn” to make it ON. This trick works 100%

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